January 19, 2010

Objets d'art

What can I say, I just love salvaged pieces this is one side of a picture frame that has been taken apart restyled, and reused. I then strip the finishes off of them and add my own technique of painting and aging them, of course with me it is all about the shades of white, cream, burlap, gold's and silvers the main colors throughout my home. You then add tooth hangers on each end of the back side of the frame work so you can hang it on a wall as a vocal piece of art, or grouping these remnants of the past all together. Maybe you will choose to place it over another picture frame, giving it a boarder top to your already established frame on a wall. Old frame pieces just add to a euro chic home simply placed here and there.

I don't question why objects found speak to me they just do. I find myself creating and designing as if I am putting it all on stage, drama, drama, drama.
I hope this has inspired you to search out your next found objects of desire.


Alice W. said...

I love salvaged pieces as well...and these are gorgeous! I am enjoying your posts and inspiring style...looking forward to more to come...
~Alice W.

awal.ny said...

I went through all of your posts and you have so much talent and you use it so well. I love that you found such a simple use for the bit of frame, most people would have thrown it away as garbage but you saw the beauty in it.
I have become a new follower, I love to see how others are creative in their life.