January 19, 2010

Weathered French Elegance

Another piece to adore, and it takes center stage in my kitchen. This is a piece that I happily imported from France; it came to me painted in a wonderful shade of French blue. I lived with it until it was time to give it the perfect makeover. Using my talents in the art of design, I took and dragged it out of my home to peel off it's old personality. Letting it take on it's natural European beauty, nothing in the house is too precious to touch.

I am not quite sure why I would purchase pieces, just to then turn around and change the color or tone. The only answer to reason is if it has great bones, and it beckons me. A little hard work will be well worth the time, and investment.


Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Dore`
Thanks so much for coming by my blog! Your pictures are gorgeous!! Love them all. Love that cart..wow I wish I could find something like that! And I really love that piece in your kitchen ~ beautiful! I think we have similar taste...I love anything frenchy, worn, chippy etc... Keep in touch!


Seawashed said...

This is the look I desire in my sea cottage...I want to do this to some of my pieces of furniture...it is just beautiful. Your blog is everything I admire...the layering of white and this music...Oh this music...like being in another world...heaven. ox~ Fairmaiden