August 16, 2016

Letter Boxes...Rustic LOVE

 Burlap Luxe Love

Little salvaged boxes filled with letters and words of

Burlap Luxe home gathers words of love...
past and future.

Being A 
Gatherer of 
 Recipes To Love

Past and present.

My daughter Hannah's box filled with ephemera words,
poetic pieces of meaning, a collection of her Callaway grandfathers broken
watch faces, skeleton keys, crystals and coins.
All gathered with love.
 Garden Seed Box

Hand crafted with love, and found thrifting to love
all over again.
 Letters Spell LOVE,
Word Profound

Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe 

I salvage for design and display.
A perfect word of love for a snug nursery, a wedding with
vintage rustic appeal, as well as a special gifting of
 Gathered Salvage
 Door Hinge
Hangs off the edge of a salvaged door-jam,
a perfect placing for a sweet dried petite bud, or
a gathering of wild clippings.
 Weathered and Rough-Hewn 
Rustic Pieces

Filled with window pane plasters and a 100 years of
age and decay. 


I love how my art evolves from a single slice of wood.
Artful Blogging Magazine Feature
Feb/Mar/Apr 2014
Pg. 6-13 
My home and written article
Dore Callaway Burlap Luxe  

Another one of my love signs, barn-wood and rustic elegant 

 My art in making this LOVE sign appeared on the book cover and
 pages of love In fifi O'Neill Prairie style weddings book.


Rustic and Romantic Farm, Woodland, and Garden Celebrations.

I am honored to be involved in the actual making of art that
is featured and then loved in the hands of those who purchase from my 
etsy Burlap Luxe of Burlap Luxe.

My featured LOVE sign is now listed for sale In my etsy shop,
click link here...BURLAPLUXE

August 11, 2016

French FarmHouse

 Burlap Luxe French Home

Pared-down dinning allows the rural and rustic of
natural Provence living.
 French Vintage Stone Dove

The latest piece that has moved in on my French living is
this stone dove aged perfectly. It gives my side-table a
feeling of something captured, or found deep in
the French countryside.
Decayed, Weathered, Chipped

It spoke to me.
Now looking for that perfect dove cote.
 Hand Thrown Burlap Luxe Pottery
When its in your hands, you understand its value.

My monogrammed (BL) pottery for Burlap Luxe
is set and will be all listed in time for my feature in French Country Decorating magazine
due in your local book sellers and magazine stands here about the middle of the
 month, published by Better Homes And Garden their special edition...
August 2016

This week my BL pottery will be filling up in my Burlap Luxe esty shop,
and custom orders will be welcomed.
Photo Burlap Luxe Home Setting.
This four piece place setting is now in the home of Kathryn,
New Hope, PA.

Kathryn has shared her new old French cottage foto's with me and I am 
charmed to see BL stacked along with a BL serving bowl on her
open shelves;
A rustic cottage full of inspiration.
 BL for Burlap Luxe Pottery

I added formal French flatware with rustic rural style, adding a creative approach to 
my BL roadside pottery style.
 Platter Bowls French Roadside Style.

Hand thrown and misshapen added a rustic rural feel to each BL piece.
little imperfections are embraced for its beauty and dinning
experience, and I feel it makes the food taste that much 
 Beautiful New With Beautiful Old Flatware.

Serves its purpose.

Vintage Stone Dove
There is no art of arrangement here, it just called to be placed.
My French Wire-Work

I love bending wire, creating is who I am.
This French egg wire basket is filled with 4 porcelain pottery eggs:
yes! and is also available at Burlap Luxe by Burlap Luxe etsy shop!

July 24, 2016

The Passage of Time...In All Its Paleness

 Burlap Luxe Home

Aged over the years, the old crock has taken on years of use, as well as a
patina of well used through its passage of time.

 I love using old pieces in rather not such common places in 
my home. Changing the look of a room can be as easy as,
a couple of old pieces salvaged from the kitchen to a
side table in a living room.

 Past  Makes  For  Perfect

Chips and rust from the clay body of this ironstone crock adds to
the patina of time. Well suites and increases living with age and 
character of all things old.

I wanted a little more charm to a side table, adding planks that helped it feel 
rural French added past to the present.


Iron urns salvaged from the outdoors, layered with gathered French
vintage pieces that tell a story in how and why living with
found pieces is easy.

Everything in this room and my home has seen...
 the passage of time.
There is a special joy in discovering new beauty in things
of old.

When I design I like to start from the floor up,
never overlooking how a pieces sits so grounded in its space.
Found listed in my, Burlap Luxe online etsy shop!
Artist Dore Callaway, Burlap Luxe
The effect of how I live certainly inspires the mood I create in.
My Latest art piece is a Cartapesta plaster hand-molded and shaped by
my hands, Sea Angel decayed by the salted air.
Inspired by being in the midst of the sea.

Stands: 8" 1/2 x 4" 1/2 wing span.


The Midst Of The Sea
decayed old sea weathered in French Nordic grey, seaside sand beige, layered in
decayed whites and bronzed golds.

My hand twisted French wire-work art crown sits firmly embedded, barnacled with sea 
glass and stones along with a tattered fragment of whats left of sea netting..

Known for my use of vintage book words ephemera,
the fitting gathered words...
 "the midst of the sea."
lines the hem.

In the shades of my crusty gathered French oyster shells, this
angel of the sea came about.

 " The sea, the sea, the sea. It rolled and rolled and called to me.
Come in, it said, come in."
~The Wanderer 

Burlap Luxe etsy
"Inspiration is all around me"

June 26, 2016

In Every Detail...An Artist Lives Here

 Burlap Luxe Home

Edited surroundings continue a pale theme.
For me its a pallet that calms and inspires my art.
It allows me complete silence in all areas of creating.

 Dried Black~Eye Susan's

I find useful and beauty in the found; a European countryside design
sourced from last years dried garden bed.

Placed tabletop of curiosity out of the ordinary...
Yet, inspires alongside vintage pieces naturally.

 A Jar Of Oyster Shells

 Trays Of Salvage

 Salvaged Antique French Candle Sconces

French brocante, a contrasting effect to my gathered and
collected home.

 Sculpted, And Once Finished In Golden Bronze

Then painted by myself to play up the palest of greys..
Aged and distressed.
 Naked Doors

Add interest where ever they are leaned.

Door hardware and working key, 
Hand Painted Roses
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe

24"x24" painted like centuries ago before the 16th century, where artist  painted
art to wood panels.
Panel painting is a very old art, and a very prestigious medium.
I frame in my wood boards with weathered and aged salvaged stakes,
giving each piece of art the feel and look of wrapped canvases.

 Found listed in my Burlap Luxe etsy Shop here at..
Dore Callaway, Fine Art

Fine artist hand mixed paints.
Sealed for instant heirloom quality.
Signed, dated, and named pieces.

 White Roses, Touched With Gold 

Muted French tones of grey, tree bark beige, French bleu, and

 Name: Peaceful Light
Original art piece.
Painted one of a kind.
Dore Callaway
 Name: Be Still
1 of 1

 Gallery Wired

D-ring hanger and gallery wire.

You can read Burlap Luxe etsy feed back in my etsy solds on two that
have already sold to a beautiful collector of my art.

Thank you Lisa Abdo
South Carolina.
In Every Detail...An Artist Lives Here.