May 17, 2018

"Just Not A Good Day Unless It Is A Creative One"

 Burlap luxe Home And Art
Burlap Luxe

"Just Not A Good Day Unless It Is A Creative One"

My latest created design,
botanic garden theatre, altar~shrine,
built from salvage woods. Antique with 100 year old wood,
embellished with salvage drawer pulls for to use of 
roof top finials.

Backdrop wall is artist papered, with vintage French 
ephemera book pages. Artist weathered with a decay
feeling of centuries old. 

I paint stain in a wash of tones, using a plastering technique
 I developed for this hauntingly aged look.
Distressed in all the right kind of rightness that
 touches the edge of my soul. 

Artistic accents

Ready to hang

Garden Theatre~Shrine~Altar~Niche 

Layers of old

French Ephemera Backdrop

Barn Swallows

Created with salvage barn wood, Cartapesta,
wire, twigs, and vintage book ephemera art.

Wall Hanging

13" 1/2 height x 4" 3/4 width

 Cartapesta Nest and Eggs
Hand molded and hand painted eggs.

The swallow builds a cup nest from mud pellets in
barns or similar structures.They feed on insects 
in flight.
There are cultural references to the barn swallow
in literary and religious works due to both its
 living in close proximity to humans and
its annual migration.

 Burlap Luxe Art
Dore Callaway
writer of 

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May 10, 2018

Creating With Salvage

 Botanic Theatre, Shrine, Altar, Niche

Latest pieces in my creative arts.
Artiste Dore Callaway
The Writer Of Burlap Luxe

 Creating with salvage wood pieces 100 year old woods.
I collect old wood fragments, boxes, picture frames,
drawer pulls for the use of finials.
Old paper ephemera that wall paper backdrop, 
giving it a hauntingly beautiful age of decay.

Poetry book pages from antique tattered books,
become part of my wallpapers.

Aged and given all the rightness in its decayed abandoned

The passion and heart that goes into creating with
salvage woods, that most see as being nothing 
more then useless.

I see the sweet love of what is to become.
I love creating shrine-altar like pieces of
Beautiful pieces of wood.

Salvage antique picture frames, old chair spindles,
vintage French cheese boxes, and wire and metal
fragments. All come together artfully.

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April 26, 2018

I Am Painting In The Spirit Of Rural France

Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe

 I Am Painting In The Spirit Of Rural France.


 Inspiring French salvage surrounds me

In old world tones, touched in distressing.

 Vintage Linen
Mounted on an antique mahogany floor plank,
nailed in canvas wrapped style.
Tattered with tears and frayed edges, 
painted and sealed for an
heirloom feel.

Tattered and torn, adding all the rightness to an
aged feel.

 French Flea Market 

 Dore Callaway
The writer of 

 Soulfully Painted And Tattered In Age.
Earl Grey Roses

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March 29, 2018

French Cottage Spirit

 Burlap Luxe Home Style

Living with a salvaged past and
creating in the French cottage spirit.

A salvaged French 
Decayed and weathered from the
seaside, and purchased from a California, Malibu
cliff-side home remodel.
This exterior veranda lantern, took on years of
sea wash that only a sea breeze and mist
can create rustically.

Artist Dore Callaway
The writer of Burlap Luxe

Painting on salvaged antique mahogany floor
Vintage linen is mounted and canvas nailed
to the wood plank, then painted in an aged
style of intrigue.

Artist Dore (me) signed,

Each linen painting is purposefully tattered,
torn, and frayed. Adding all the rightness
to the look and feel of French cottage



Relaxed in romance, where graceful age is

 I will have 17 linen paintings,
the number of salvaged planks.

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My home that acts as a studio
 muse that inspires

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Burlap Luxe
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