November 22, 2014

In My Everyday White...Giving Of Thanks

Burlap Luxe Home

Yes, I do have a kitchenette, and one that most of my creations take place in.
I often paint here, and create the products that coat and cover my art pieces.
I lift my eyes to the view through the rustic shutters salvaged from an old
cedar armoire doors.

I will be happy with them years from now.

I love the worn damage that one may not approve of, but I find that they
charm me.

Classic French washed in greys.

I favor Greenery...
Over flowers.
Clippings from the hedges that outline nature in my front yard.

Buckets and baskets of all sorts will be filled with what nature so freely offers
in giving of thanks.

French place settings and French stainless cutlery will set a table of giving.

Linens and serving trays will be in use adding French rustic.

Baskets will be arranged and filled greeting the season.

Lighting will be dimmed.
Incase you were wondering this is the $5.00 thrift shop find that I wired with
a new $3.99 lighting cord and it was ready to hang, and now hangs
over the sink in all its rustic French charm.

Peaceful nature and giving of thanks.

November 10, 2014

Burlap Luxe Rural And Creative...Comfortable Living

Burlap Luxe Home Living

It's the precious imagination seen in a piece that just belongs.

Burlap Luxe comfortable living, keeping it calm, plain and
useful - giving each piece a chance at a good design.

Burlap Luxe - Rustic

Burlap Luxe - Salvage

Burlap Luxe - Galvanized Buckets

Burlap Luxe - Garden And Rustic Goat Bell

Burlap Luxe - Bottles And Zinc

Burlap Luxe - Nature

Burlap Luxe - Vintage Rustic Box

Burlap Luxe - Box Of Keeping

Burlap Luxe - French Wire Art Crowns.

I have newly created crowns for my etsy shop.
A perfect Christmas tree topper, cake topper for your wedding, shower gift for
her sweet arrival. Home decor, holiday gifting.

Here..BurlapLuxe etsy shop

The detailing in my work, vintage wire of salvage, vintage jewlery, pearls, wire and glass beads,
as well as woven wire threads and vintage laces. Then charmed with a
vintage ephemera word of endearment.

Details in my original hand bent French wirework, crusty age artist created, and
sealed for heirloom quality.
(Charm reads) Duchesse, Love, and France.

Burlap Luxe

Living feels timeless with worn and rustic - Less complicated belogings.

October 22, 2014

French Fall In Its Seasoned Charm

Burlap Luxe Home

Be it ever so humble fall.
Where a palette of aged off sets the art of longing to belong.

In its season of faded charm.

Comfort and Beauty
Comes in all shades.

Days are darkening with aged romance.

Calm ~ Stillness ~ Quiet

No boundaries to softening the harder edges

Comfortable and relaxed, neglected and tattered embraces fall.

September 26, 2014

A Book Release...Rustic And Elegance

Book Release: December 2nd 2014
Prairie-Style Weddings  
Rustic And Romantic Farm, Woodland, And Garden Celebrations
By Fifi O’Neill
Photography by Mark Loham
With so many books out there one would say, there’s no shortage of planning resources to turn to in a market that ceremoniously encourages love, as well as renewed love vows.
Expected and scheduled release:
December 2nd 2014

I am excited to be a part of this wonderful book cover, my love sign created by me Dore Callaway

A new kind of wedding book, one with a voice to its pageantry of ceremonies where one will find
inspiration in styling with architectural salvage, trends in home and garden decor, reclaimed
rustic prairie styles, European and American vintage and antique furnishings a key mix in
the romance and beauty of prairie-style weddings.

Stylist Fifi O'Neill went to extraordinary lengths to win back when prairie weddings were planned
around what inspired life on the plains of the prairies, where it was common to hold a wedding
in a home or barn. This was not a practical desire for simplicity rather than minimalism.

Prairie-Style Weddings has and inherent purity to the authentic feel in each of its home weddings.
its pages of simplicity in time worn invites a cozy welcoming feeling to its softer relaxed side of
elegance stylishly through the passage of time; all encouraging the best in prairie-style designs
and decor.

I created the Love sign from vintage salvage and washed barn wood aged with time used on
the Santa Barbara wedding location.

Rustic And Elegance

My daughter Hannah Callaway
One of Fifi's bride models for the books Santa Barbara shoot.
Prairie in French garden style.

Beautiful Santa Barbara rustic French garden setting.

Romantically prairie wedding gift bag.

Fifi O'Neill grew up in Paris, France. She lived in Manitoba, Canada, for 15 years where she
first fell in love with the vast and beautiful plains of the prairies.
As editor, writer and stylist, Fifi O'Neill has produced numerous features on home decorating,
food, and gardening for American and European magazines and now a
number of books to her name.

Fifi O'Neill again brings her readers a special wedding book unique to its own with each page
vowing to make you fall in love all over again.

To assure your copy or copies reserved for you, as well as a perfect Christmas gift for
a family member or friend, you may now purchase through Amazon.
Take a closer look into Prairie-Style Weddings, a book that inspires more than
weddings, it's a book looking towards the road ahead with prairie-style and designs
for all things creatively interrupted prairie.

Thank you Fifi O'Neill, for the all around romance in Prairie-Style Weddings that will inspire
weddings or not weddings; a beautifully inspiring coffee table book that adds
much more than its title.


September 10, 2014

Rustic French Goat...Fromage

Burlap Luxe Home

With the French, collecting is not a hobby but,
a way of life.

This bench rustic in all sense of the word-with its unusual shape and
colour it is a rustic find of the past.

I am sure where this came from they had no idea I would delight in the
use, and design, shape, and colour simply by the way I have displayed
it in my French home.

A desperate yard sale object became a rustic beauty when it found me!

I love the aged black patina of the many nail holes.
Pottery plates and cheese knives ready for some
rustic goat cheese.

Burlap Luxe baskets

My latest muse of inspiration
I might have to add to my home.

Rustic Goat Cheese

I am designing rustic French signs from salvage.
Hand painted and water marked with a sense of
old world weathering to them.

soon in my shop!

Adding French culinary to a very French feel.