March 29, 2018

French Cottage Spirit

 Burlap Luxe Home Style

Living with a salvaged past and
creating in the French cottage spirit.

A salvaged French 
Decayed and weathered from the
seaside, and purchased from a California, Malibu
cliff-side home remodel.
This exterior veranda lantern, took on years of
sea wash that only a sea breeze and mist
can create rustically.

Artist Dore Callaway
The writer of Burlap Luxe

Painting on salvaged antique mahogany floor
Vintage linen is mounted and canvas nailed
to the wood plank, then painted in an aged
style of intrigue.

Artist Dore (me) signed,

Each linen painting is purposefully tattered,
torn, and frayed. Adding all the rightness
to the look and feel of French cottage



Relaxed in romance, where graceful age is

 I will have 17 linen paintings,
the number of salvaged planks.

Listed soon in my online shop,

My home that acts as a studio
 muse that inspires

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Burlap Luxe
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February 10, 2018

French Wire Art...Rustic Luxe

Burlap Luxe Art

My art in creating French wire art

Salvage rusted and decayed tin,
perfect in the use of my tags.
Vintage book word ephemerea

Crown And LampShade

I love the haunting shadow play with wire.
The shade I created to play off my
art and light.

I love the unexpected outcome.
Aged in cartapesta and a patina
of tarnish.

I weave and bend, twist and tie every
inch that goes into creating with
The chain wire garland, I use a crochet hook and single
crochet a chain woven into the wire.

You can follow my art and home designs on my
instagram account.
Where I create in French brocante style.

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Dore Callaway
Writer of Burlap Luxe

January 22, 2018

French Botanical Art...Vintage Salvage

 Burlap Luxe Art

Dore Callaway
the writer of
BurlapLuxe blog 

Creating petite French botanic art theatre's.

Alpine Columbine Native to Europe
'Lily Family'

Attracts humming birds and butterflies. 

Decayed in an abandoned feel.
Backdrop in botanic drama.

Building and painting, weeds and wildflowers
'Daisy Family'

"Make a wish".

A Symbol of Spring.

Tulips are the bees knees for Spring pollination.
'Lily Family' 

There are greenhouses and shade-houses, now
I bring you the botanic theatre house.

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December 31, 2017

French Theatrics Of Salvage


My latest theatre of the arts, I design and create from
 rustic salvage wood.
Along with my bending of wire art and paper doll and 
cartapesta mice.
 Salvage Wood

Chosen and cut to dimensions, using the best pieces showing
signs of weathered and decaying inspiration.
Every piece gets wood glued and screwed, adding all the
rightness to a French theatre of song and
Theatre Taking Shape 
 Moldings, picture frames, chair rungs and drawer pulls for finials
are often found in pieces of furniture I salvage from their past.
History in such pieces inspire my art in building forgotten
 treasured play.

This Theatre hangs on a wall.
22" in height x 17" in width x 6" in depth.

Vintage paper ephemera I collect, papering a backdrop wall.
Yet, I nudge along its brittle aged look with tearing and
piecing it together so this wall takes on a look
of centuries old.
 Paint And Tattered Curtians

A paint treatment I give it to preserve each piece rustically.
I have still yet to lay the planked stage flooring, adding
a bit more moldings and its vintage music box
under the stage base.
Hopeful in completion soon, old wood salvage finds can not be

Threate Quote
"Look, a new day has
Stage play

Looking forward to a creative new year ...
Curtain Call  

Nouvel An
(New Year)

 A Happy New Year
and all it 

November 29, 2017

French Holiday Home...Oysters And Tree

Burlap Luxe Home
Season greets with a simple greeting of the use of a
natural pine, beaded garlands and silver glass crusty and 
aged to feel decayed in ancient times.

Natural tones of tree bark beige and
tarnished grey.
Wrapped up and tied in twine.

 Oyster Garland
30 foot garland for your holiday tree, or drape it in
French culinary style from your farmhouse beams, 
as well as styling for a beach style wedding.

You will find this latest creation of mine, hand-
knit and weaved through a hand drilled hole
in each oyster shell.
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe

Salvage Tin
A salvage piece of tin written message is  from
vintage book ephemera
Holiday message of gathering and peace.

Washed From The French Sea
French Culinary
Should I make oysters, yes, and some for the 

Here Listed In My BURLAP LUXE Shop
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All things French culinary, French from the sea.
Holiday garland,
Un Joyeux Noel

November 24, 2017

Main-et-Loire, Bleu du Maine Sheep...French Home

 Writer and Artiste of Burlap Luxe

Created in wire forms and cartapesta.
Fashioned after, and wanting them to feel as if
they had been artiste created in the 
19th century.

Hand sculpted BurlapLuxe One-of-A-Kind
Blue-du-Maine Sheep,
a domestic breed originated 
in Western France.

I have painted the faces rustically, in decay to take on 
an old world look and feel to this flock of
French bleu faced sheep.
 I design and create around my French cottage;
 inspired from within.
 A rustic style does not have to lack in 
value or beauty..

After the body and legs of primitive style are created,
I mummy wrap them in cloth to emulate their hide.
Then sheared in livestock virgin sheeps

This flock of 5 would look great corralled in a
holiday display, or placed in a rural farmhouse

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Dore Callaway

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Here at Burlap Luxe, my French cottage home,
is where pieces that have become tired in their use;
become something of better use.

I took and marked off the sides of this 100 plus year old
desk. Cutting each end off to the surface desk top, I
then used salvage old wood planking the surface;
turning a desk into a side table.

I have created more function and use from an old desk that
once sat in a space for looks and storing clutter.

Yes, this French iron lantern from a Malibu California,
seaside homes estate sale I placed dibs on in seconds of spotting it.
 I extended the wiring adding a toggle switch and plug to
the end, it then became my added lighting.

Statement piece? indeed.

My home designs and art can be followed over at my
Burlap Luxe
Dore Callaway

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Inspiring salvage finds, living with them artistically.