September 21, 2015

Francais Beurre de Velvet...With French Textiles

 Burlap Luxe Home

Tranquil and embraces the idea of simplicity.
A French home in whites, silvery greys, and 
French butter.
 A whisper in contrast;
White, golden, and grey.

 Inspired spaces, 
relaxed and seasonal.

 One thing about fall it rushes me
into winter.
The demand for my French stockings has me
in rush mode.

Seasons and time seem to work against me!
The great part is after meeting the many
needs of my buyers in the trade, it
allows me to fill my etsy shop with a
head start in the season to come.

 French Velvet Brocade
custom created pattern and sewn
Dore of Burlap Luxe

Vintage French textiles hand sewn into
holiday stockings in a velvet tone as soft as 
French butter.
Instant heirloom, because the fabric
already is.

 5 French stockings that hang from a zinc ring 
have been included in my,
 Burlap Luxe etsy shop.

Sewn with triple overcast seams, preshrunk vintage for
family heirloom quality.

29" in length

Choosing handmade celebrates simple
Creating a French seasonal home.

September 09, 2015

Inspired By The Rural French Countryside

 Burlap Luxe French Home

I have taken an out-dated armoire and
styled it to fit in with my French 
home adding all the French it needed.

Styling a French room,
for seasons to come.
 A designers home, and a painters palette 
muted in pale.

I love the way this armoire rises up to
greet all who enters our home
that lives rustic.

 I avoid a formal sense of 'display' -
rooms that live feel far more personal.
 When I create with paints it's all about questioning -
what would this piece like to become?

This part of the design process for the artist in me, plays -
out all things rural French.

 New hardware, then sanded and aged adds to the feel of
authentic French history.

 Antique key
A bit of family history.
 Seasonal foliage in a French weathered floral-
can adds to an informal mood.
 Greeting the season inspired by the French -
 A sense of natural comfort is found in every aspect
of French living.

 The armoire doors before I removed the
leather and sanded down its finish.

Yes a dated feast.
 Before drawer, before hardware.

 Painted in a French patina, rural in style found in
almost every French home.

 Background lighting.

 Aged as if unearthed from a French antique dealer.

My newly given patina as if acquired from
years of use.

An Iconic French living-room piece is the 

September 05, 2015

French Rural Inspires What's To Come

 Burlap Luxe Home

"Everyday should be unwrapped with what
inspires you."

~Dore Burlap Luxe

 A Gatherer Of Words
 A reflection of layers, 
nothing is left to chance.
Vintage white French linens, (Matelasse Coverlet) Made in France.
Hot washed, hot dry, custom pattern created and sewn by 
(me) "Dore, Burlap Luxe."

Now! in my etsy shop.

29" inch length 5" cuff width.
Hangs by zinc ring, and tattered cloth. 
Instant heirlooms.
Un Joyeux Noel


August 25, 2015

La Vie est Belle..Living In French Style

 Burlap Luxe Home, where the artist lives.

Awaiting the comfort of the season's to

 A season of white linen and natural washed grey.
 La Vie est Belle

The elegant art of living 
in French style
~ Henrietta Heald

Thank You VERA,
"Row Homes and Cobblestones"
For your kind and gentle giving heart.
Vera, adds beauty to your heart of living.

 Further in the art of French living, it's time to
bring what has lived outside amongst the weathering 
sun in.
I am comforted by it's weathered grey.
 "L' entente de la nie"
The agreement negates the claim is just.

I live with little design restrictions.
 My French art will be copied to aged tattered paper prints so
my Burlap Luxe etsy shoppers can enjoy my art in their
agreeable homes.
The depth of art.
French Women,

I have named this piece...
"Elle regarde"
(She Watches)
 Weathered and washed in grey.
My art signs are found in my Burlap Luxe etsy shop.
 Awaken With Bird~Song 
 new Burlap Luxe art.

In the still before the dawn a place of refuge, shelter, and
calm...Roadside sanctuary shrine. 
Cartapesta French paper mache...
Which means "chewed paper"
Now in my, 
etsy shop.

My Burlap Luxe signs
A place of gathering, gather together, here we

Weathered and washed in white and grey...
Vintage mahogany floor boards, framed in distressed
weathered grey trim.
 I adore European SEA COTTAGES.
Hand painted in weathered white and distressed grey, and
hangs by a grey advertising chain by aged eye hooks.

Artist signed~Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe etsy
 I envision this sign hanging on a sea side hut,
or your "SEA COTTAGE"
 My favorite medium is CARTAPESTA paper mache.
Yes, in my Burlap Luxe etsy

Created on weathered wood washed by the grey of age.
Aviary wire, and a garland wreath of paper mache,
hangs by rusted wire.
Laying of the rose wreath.

Rosemary and Linen
 La Vie est Belle

 My French Cottage