February 27, 2015

I Am In A French Prairie Kind Of Moment

 Burlap Luxe Home Office

Sometimes I don't get around to finishing projects because the un-
finished looks so inspiring.

 Frames piled, waiting and offers a starting point for something.

 I am in a French prairie kind of moment...
It's meant as a grace note of inspiration, rather then a distraction to creating.

 Feather stuffed white pillows work seamlessly in French farmhouse-style. It effects
how I feel in the moment.

 The rust on an iron bed casting... pure and good.

 It's French farmhouse-style adds history to our rustic living.

 I remember tossing a scarf over a lampshade many days ago, (1970's) now
threaded table toppers have found there way adding romance I am 
calling French prairie.
 The threaded lace table topper was a $1.50 thrift shop find. It added
country French prairie romance to my daughter Hannah's room.

Something we have all done, and have forgotten to do again.
Inspiring French prairie kind of moments.
Rustic romance and loved by her friends.

February 16, 2015

Dwelling in French Stillness, Artistically

 The Home Of Burlap Luxe
How our home lives
 We entertain
Remembering it is not just about us, but those placed in our lives.
Here is a French country setting yet, set with a gathered and collected feel
to each place setting.

Setting a table, a la Francaise

 Mixing plate size's and more often imperfect pieces will show up living creatively at
our table of French.

 Settings of silver find themselves in the mix of borrowing from separate but,
equal drawers of flatware.
I do have a thing for dinnerware and to be fair to my collections of equal use, 
I fairly use them sometimes all at once.
(left to right) Michale Angelo, Oneida, Lenox.
Making for fun conversation.

Mixing serving pieces equally adds all the right charm to your settings.
 I love adding vintage and family heirlooms, as well as great thrift shop finds.
These platters were my latest Goodwill find, mint condition 13" round,
and all three under $4.00
These platters will make a fun statement, while enjoying what they serve.

Effortless pieces come together to create French farmhouse spaces!
 Burlap Luxe etsy... New art pieces I have been artistically working on
one piece at a time, and one chamber of my heart.
 An Art Dwelling.

Here is my latest...This French roadside shrine reflects a simple and
great feeling that people everywhere need comfort and 
security of eternal.
Each individual would perhaps see them differently, based on
their own needs, and a place to rest their heart on.

 Those of you that have shared in the purchasing of my art pieces know
the heart and soul work that goes into what I create.
Hand sculpted embellishments, wire work, paper mache, hand poured
and molded statues from vintage molds and my hands. Along with paper 
ephemera from vintage poetry books tattered with little life left in them.

I never know the end result until the pieces tell me they are finished.
 All my art by me Dore Callaway,
is of One-Of-A-Kind, and is soulfully created from within. I truly get
undone just thinking about the end results, and how the pieces and colors just
seam to effortlessly work
 Like all my art pieces of this medium, paper mache, wood fibers, glues and
paints, they are my starting point... From there on its all imagined, and the
GRAVITY that pulls me in closer is what nudges along its OUTCOME.

Hand rolled beads of clays and woods, preserved paper flower chandeliers,
wire hand twisted crowns adorned with golden and steal grey pearls, 
vintage laces aged and stiffened for lasting beauty.
Positive and encouraging pieces, an aura of peace and being still.

Now this piece and like pieces are making way to my Burlap Luxe etsy shop.
Honor where you alone creatively are placed.
What is truly beautiful lies within. 

February 09, 2015

Living With Rustic Romance

 Burlap Luxe Home Living With Rustic Romance.
"Creating Romance."

 I am so shocked and surprised with what became of a salvaged piece of rustic barn wood and
simple scraps of distressed romancing... LOVE
I was most honored with the placement of my created art piece, love sign, featured on the front cover of, 
Fifi O'Neill's
Best selling Prairie-Style Weddings book...
 A great Valentine gifting of rustic romance inspiring much more then weddings.

 X's and O's
Kisses and Hugs
I gifted this sweet zinc box filled with kisses and hugs from Sundance one Valentine year to
my daughter Hannah. It sits on her chest of drawers as a sweet reminder.

 My daughter Hannah's room

She is swept up in the romance and beauty of embracing pieces of old that
come together in all things rustic French flea market romance.

 Here is another piece I created for my daughters room of romance.
Having had 3 scraps of wood in uneven square pieces that one may find no use, or beauty in
I began to glue and nail together a piece of poetry.
 I then took a book page of old and tattered from a book of poetry inspired by poet
 Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and then glued the page to the surface of the stacked
pieces of wood as a gentle reminder of love.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the poet most famous for,
"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach.
Published 1844

Now hangs over her night table next to her heart.

February and all its rustic romance.


February 01, 2015

Authentic Additions...Wool, Wood, Linen, Rural French

Burlap Luxe Home  

 Living naturally French with a sense of simplicity.
 Within Burlap Luxe home staying true to warn, and weathered textures is a given.

 Rural Rustic
An antique French garden planter is treasured for its rustic beauty.
Displayed are my latest handmade wool knits by Dore, weighty lumbar
pillows with feather filled inserts 28" x 15" with knit tied ends.
NOW! in my BurlapLuxe etsy...
Introductory price!

 This feather insert pillow in chunky wool knit, is dark charcoal.
24" x 24"
Pictured below... true to its colour, and in weighty wool is
 over stuffed in a relaxed feather/down insert.

 Hand wool knits by Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe etsy shop.

 Vertical strip knit lumbar
28" x 15"
Wool knit tie end, included with feather insert.

 French Jug
Objects of French desire.
This beautiful French green jug aged and warn perfectly is one of my
latest finds, and is an addition to my natural and neutral home.

This bottle was a tale of the unexpected, a local thrift shop find, and
they did not know what they had.
Yes, stamped on the bottom,
 Its texture, its age, and not a chip in its glass, I was in love with this find to say the least.

 Another piece was this aged old apothecary jar, under a dollar.
My friends know me to collect bottles for my many bottle art pieces I create.
You can find often bottles of mine stored in larger canister jars, and
sitting about my home as displayed here on my kitchen counter.

 I love storing goods in jars, and in glass canisters, it just feels so good and pure.

 When they are French they are coming home with me.

 You will also find salvage displayed in our French home that makes no sense other then 
its previous use...
"Known to be useful, and beautiful."

Inspiring authentic additions, rural rustic complementing simple living.

January 10, 2015

Each Piece Is A Find...And Nordic Knits

Burlap Luxe Home Living Rustic French

Each piece is a salvaged find. The latest being the vintage 10 window pane
door, and it has me thinking.
This setting is the backdrop to my entryway.

No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Authentic history hides behind the truth, in creating what one believes to be beautiful.
~ Dore Callaway

My New Knit Line Hand Made by Dore Callaway, BurlapLuxe.
Soon in my etsy shop I will be adding my knits.
This Lumbar knit with a feather down insert is
28" x 14" 1/2
and ties with knit at its opening.
"Nordic Knits" and "Prairie Knits"
by hand
I have been creating with wools since the age of 8 where my
Nordic grandmother on my moms side sat with me late nights
teaching me how to hold the needles, and hooks.

Its been so inspiring to me to see the strong come-back in knit home decor,
and the Nordic French strong influence and character the knits add
to a rural rustic home.

Inspiring a natural home.

January 01, 2015

The Natural Winter French Home

Burlap Luxe Home Living Naturally.

Living naturally in calm spaces, the way winter feels refreshing and all new with
lifes pleasures.

Fresh linens
Such things have an honest integrity placed at hand on a French iron washstand.

Layers of age, "refreshing."

Winter makes it that much more calming and quiet when the backdrop matches.



Late winter berries from the garden hedges that frame this natural French cottage.

Its function offers beauty in its use.

Winter berries and twine.

A natural choice to the subject.

The natural French home is predominantly filled with soft colours quietly
taking on its surroundings with texture that dismiss a loud glance.

I am bringing in this new winter with milky whites, treebark beige, and
winter greys warming it with gentle tones of age.