March 28, 2015

French Nordic And Grey Spring

 Burlap Luxe Home
Natural nature, where a grey garden has spring in waiting.

 What is it about assorted shapes of glass that welcomes the beauty of spring.

 Awaiting the tight buds awakenings.

 Optimism, " If you have a garden filled with birds, 
You have everything."

 "On a quiet day, I hear them sing sounds of spring."
I never doubt the thoughtfulness of spring.
 Nature never disappoints.

 Old French
Rustic~Living, inside and out.

Mixing vintage and nature; rich, neutral woods embrace French country

March 16, 2015

French Attitude...Handed Down French Living

 BurLap Luxe Home

French attitude and the French country kitchen that contains much that has been 
handed down.

 When I say handed down, its as if any great find be it thrift shops, yard sales,
or flea-markets add that little handed down feel to your country home.

 Gathered decoration is inherently an affair of the heart, and nowhere is the
French more engaged then the French kitchen.

Rare in a French house that does not have lavender.

 Few things of beauty are dune with or out-of-date in the French rustic home; the
French have this saying for their brocante, 
" Not quite valued, but not quite useless."

 In the art studio, my daughter and I are adding French pottery
plates stacked in savory piles with an inherited patina of 
aged and uneven.
Everything connected with our French kitchen is used as well as
enjoyed for its rustic shapeliness.

March 08, 2015

L' Art du Cartapesta, Papier-Mache My Art Studio Designs

Burlap Luxe Home, and my art in Cartapesta.

I design around the patina dusting of paper mache. Its the
closest description in reference to my art and homes
colour scheme.
 I pay careful attention to the smallest of details where the
end result calls out with a nudge to be noticed.

Chair painted by Dore (Me)
Followed by...
My latest ART pieces I have created for my etsy shop Burlap Luxe.

 I live in the light and dark of my art where my soul is deepened
with creative emotions.
I work so intensely in many mediums finding myself with a deep connection to
each piece. So much so, I have an emotional weeping attachment upon
it's completion; "it's who I am as an artist."
I use natural and recycled materials such as in the following pieces of Cartapesta (Paper-Mache)
I work in mixed media, altered art and fiber materials creating objects in paper-mache.
My altered artistic identity allows me to create from my imagination in soulful

My bottle art is added to this wall pocket roadside angel shrine...
 where flowers in a vase may be left.

 The backside of my art is where you often will find the surprise of vintage French
 book page ephemera.

 While creating in fiber art and paper-mache, I am quieted with any chaotic thoughts other
then the thoughts in how it will turn out.
 Molded Papier-Mache art objects were first made in France in the 
early part of the 18th century, and later, in Germany and England.
Paper-Mache is still ever so popular with collectors.

13" 1/2 x 10" 1/2
 I cast molds and shapes from pieces that move me in the direction of art,
and I create to appear to have a little damage to each piece.

 Papier-Mache define from French, literally: chewed paper.
I find such peace in creating with paper. These two wall pockets, or
prayer pocket vessels are found wall mounted where one can leave their
prayers or tokens such as dried flowers, feathers, or poetic

The creator in me listens to each piece telling me what it wants to
become, and when it is completed.

 Artist Creator, Dore Callaway
Each piece is made of paper and added materials that I find appealing or
The cast and molded piece in paper is layered on a French book cover tattered
with age. The roses are shaped by my hands and applied with plaster coatings aging
the piece to a desired look and feel of what may have been found in the 
17th~18th century France.

 Patina of old...
 Artist painted by Dore (Me)
 Soulful gatherings in the vessels pocket.

 This is the part of my art I love best, its all in the finished piece.
6" x 8" 1/2

 The French wall pocket vessels are mounted securely on old
salvaged wood, with a wire hanger to hang it from.

  Tattered cloth scrap and a paper tag that reads..."Comfort."
                                   Hand sculpted roses by Dore (Me) Aged with a decayed feel of old.

 Tattered fiber edges add emotion to its strength.
May you find comfort.

Source...Via 1stdibs
(Not my work of art)

This pair of 18th century papier-mache angels offered by Skelton-ST John at 1stdibs.
Cartapesta papier-mache angels for...

Creating lies within me, how I create is in my imagination.
Soon to be listed in my etsy shop.

Thank you for allowing me to share a deeper side of my art.
All my pieces here are original to my art designs, and are

February 27, 2015

I Am In A French Prairie Kind Of Moment

 Burlap Luxe Home Office

Sometimes I don't get around to finishing projects because the un-
finished looks so inspiring.

 Frames piled, waiting and offers a starting point for something.

 I am in a French prairie kind of moment...
It's meant as a grace note of inspiration, rather then a distraction to creating.

 Feather stuffed white pillows work seamlessly in French farmhouse-style. It effects
how I feel in the moment.

 The rust on an iron bed casting... pure and good.

 It's French farmhouse-style adds history to our rustic living.

 I remember tossing a scarf over a lampshade many days ago, (1970's) now
threaded table toppers have found there way adding romance I am 
calling French prairie.
 The threaded lace table topper was a $1.50 thrift shop find. It added
country French prairie romance to my daughter Hannah's room.

Something we have all done, and have forgotten to do again.
Inspiring French prairie kind of moments.
Rustic romance and loved by her friends.

February 16, 2015

Dwelling in French Stillness, Artistically

 The Home Of Burlap Luxe
How our home lives
 We entertain
Remembering it is not just about us, but those placed in our lives.
Here is a French country setting yet, set with a gathered and collected feel
to each place setting.

Setting a table, a la Francaise

 Mixing plate size's and more often imperfect pieces will show up living creatively at
our table of French.

 Settings of silver find themselves in the mix of borrowing from separate but,
equal drawers of flatware.
I do have a thing for dinnerware and to be fair to my collections of equal use, 
I fairly use them sometimes all at once.
(left to right) Michale Angelo, Oneida, Lenox.
Making for fun conversation.

Mixing serving pieces equally adds all the right charm to your settings.
 I love adding vintage and family heirlooms, as well as great thrift shop finds.
These platters were my latest Goodwill find, mint condition 13" round,
and all three under $4.00
These platters will make a fun statement, while enjoying what they serve.

Effortless pieces come together to create French farmhouse spaces!
 Burlap Luxe etsy... New art pieces I have been artistically working on
one piece at a time, and one chamber of my heart.
 An Art Dwelling.

Here is my latest...This French roadside shrine reflects a simple and
great feeling that people everywhere need comfort and 
security of eternal.
Each individual would perhaps see them differently, based on
their own needs, and a place to rest their heart on.

 Those of you that have shared in the purchasing of my art pieces know
the heart and soul work that goes into what I create.
Hand sculpted embellishments, wire work, paper mache, hand poured
and molded statues from vintage molds and my hands. Along with paper 
ephemera from vintage poetry books tattered with little life left in them.

I never know the end result until the pieces tell me they are finished.
 All my art by me Dore Callaway,
is of One-Of-A-Kind, and is soulfully created from within. I truly get
undone just thinking about the end results, and how the pieces and colors just
seam to effortlessly work
 Like all my art pieces of this medium, paper mache, wood fibers, glues and
paints, they are my starting point... From there on its all imagined, and the
GRAVITY that pulls me in closer is what nudges along its OUTCOME.

Hand rolled beads of clays and woods, preserved paper flower chandeliers,
wire hand twisted crowns adorned with golden and steal grey pearls, 
vintage laces aged and stiffened for lasting beauty.
Positive and encouraging pieces, an aura of peace and being still.

Now this piece and like pieces are making way to my Burlap Luxe etsy shop.
Honor where you alone creatively are placed.
What is truly beautiful lies within.