January 19, 2010

A Passion For All Things Aged With History

What a wonderful piece imported from France, it had layers of black paint on it. Although I loved it black with a chipped peeled age, it was just not quite right for my European chic home. I then stripped it down and water stained it using the tones of natural aged woods; it made for a much better blend with my winter whites in the room. The gold's and silver grays balance the room with the feeling of shopping in France at one of the best flea markets you could imagine. I love the height next to the winter white slip covered sofa, and the drama it adds to it. Approving voice's heard through the cracks of the piece fills the room with all things aged with history; and I love it.

So my inspiration to you is to not be afraid to peal away history and unearth the beauty you may desire to live with. I wanted to restore the piece to its aged likeness of the many European pieces that we find pictured in the French books we lose ourselves in. With that being said, and that oh so feeling of yes it belongs to me. I hope to inspire you all to let a piece tell you what it wants to be.

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