April 17, 2016

Ticking And Cloth...French Countryside Decor Textiles

 Burlap Luxe Textiles

Authentic traditional textiles in designs and patterns are not
disregarded by the French nor the lovers of its
countryside style; produced then and now.

Upholstered and painted with weathered rustic age.
Burlap Luxe 

 French Ticking

I have been sewing French throw pillow shams for my
home and Burlap Luxe etsy shop.

Centuries old rural rustic fabrics are still dominated textiles in
French interiors.
Prairie, farmhouse and countryside; old textiles lift up and compliment
every other element in its space.

 via Dore Callaway Burlap Luxe

French textiles enhance the love of living well worn with
faded age.

A thread of time.

I do not use zipper closures, yet an old envelope cuff is
sewn down tucking away perfectly placed feathery down inserts, 
giving the pillow shams a feel of centuries old.


No welting-buttons or zippers that are often associated with
modern times distract from the peasant countryside
feel and design.

 Ticking Feathered Lumbar

 Drop Cloth

My French brocante style is in keeping with worn textiles,
faded and lived with.
I have had drop-cloth curtain panels in my home for
years now. 
The curtain rods are oak closet poles that I had Home Depot
cut the length for me. Then I washed them down with
a watered down grey paint giving them a
patina of all things French.

 Eyelet Brackets

The eyelet brackets was an idea I came up with to solve a problem with
not finding quite the aged rural countryside feel I was after.
I took an old metal fence post to my iron guy, asking him to
cut 3/4 inch rings and could he please follow my pattern
measurements with a post and face plate that I could
screw into the wall?
He was concerned about forging perfection, I was not.
As you see I got exactly what I was hoping for, and
what I desired.

Rural, Rustic,  And Salvaged. 
Inspiring a salvaged French textile home.
Hand Sewn by Dore
At my etsy shop...


Méa Strauß said...

Oh Doré, once again it is breathtaking visiting you. And this time I am so happy, as I too think, zippers or buttons are a bit distracting from the real feeling. I sometimes even use tassels, pulled through a loop to close the "envelop-opening" in the back of the pillow from keeping it opening up too bulgy.
Is there anything you can´t do?
Oh, please keep on, love to see all these things you create,
have a wonderful weekend and my hugs,
your friend Méa

It's me said...

Beautiful pillows Dore like them all..have a nice Sunday and happy week love from me Ria x ❤️

Unknown said...

So beautiful - I love the ticking stripe pillows and the rustic weathered finishes. It's such a lovely look and does make take me to the French countryside indeed. xo

DD's Cottage said...

I adore the simplicity of your ticking pillows and the sublet beauty of all your textiles!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré I love your fabrics and your sewn three times seams in your textiles you sew. I love French ticking stripe and it appears on all floors of our row-home. Black and white as pillows, towels, napkins and backing of toile curtains all giving a touch of Je me said quoi. All your pillows are lovely Doré and I admire your curtain rods. Heading over to your etsy store right now where I know I will find beauty.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

You are right my friend iPad auto correct drives me crazy!!!! Let's try again Je ne sais quoi... Again it changed and I had to go back and adjust it!!!! Have a fun day Doré.

Rhonda said...

I am so in love with your style but you already know that! ♡♡♡

chateau chic said...

Your pillows are French perfection, Dore. I adore the rustic look of aged ticking because these beautiful pillows will enhance any room where they might be used. And Ooooo...what a fabulous curtain bracket. Love!
Mary Alice

Irena said...

Adorable textiles! I love the original and rustic eyelet brackets, great idea!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh my, you do have a way with things! I am so impressed with your curtain rod design. What a wonderful vision you have. I love the textiles too of course. All so beautiful together.

Lisa said...

Love all your textures and patinas you have in your decor! From the ticking pillows, dropcloth curtains, curtain rods and drawer handles! It's all just so french countryside inspired! It is such an inspiration for my own home! You have such a way of giving a room that feeling of old and time worn. I love how you draw people in with your words and make one want to create that feeling for their home. So I had to buy the pillows! :) Xx

helen tilston said...

Dear Dore,
Your pillows are beautiful and enhance your painted pieces. Beautiful. I love your attention to detail.

have a superb week
Helen xx

Sherry said...

i appreciate that you took time to add a grey wash to the curtain rod... and your construction of the ticking pillows is well done. everything. always. well-done. applause. :)

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Always, always so very beautiful and inspiring here. I'm off to visit your shop...

Karena said...

So lovely and classic Dore. I am thinking about doing natural drop-cloth panels for one of my rooms!

The Arts by Karena

Little Farmstead said...

Timeless, rural, French... what I love most about your home and designs, Dore. The pillows are just beautiful, with so much thought and authenticity. Thank you for your inspiration. Xo, ~julie

michele said...

gorgeous job of making mattress ticking look sophisticated on a sofa! beautiful work, dore, and i love the window treatment hardware. my husband recently made industrial ones for my studio, and i now want them to replace all these store bought ones i have been living with! what a beautiful nest you have made, filled with one of a kind treasures. peace.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Very beautiful pillows, Dore. xoxo Su

Jade said...

So in love with your style........its so peaceful and fresh and full of harmony!

With love and hugs, Jade

Karen said...

Gorgeous! Dore you always mange to take my breath away. Ive added your shop to my favorites.

Woodside Park said...

Such beautiful pillows. The ticking and grain cloth combination is divine. And I adore your original curtain rods. Brilliant, Dore.

webmaster said...

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Keity said...

Happy to find your blog! Love shabby-chic,like your lovely room. I became the newest follower:) Thank you!

HWIT BLOGG said...

Beautiful pillows...would love to have them!
Love from Titti

JoanMarie said...

What can I say Dore - your pottery and pillows are just grand in all respects. You have such a beautiful way with design, words, and images that it makes our hearts sing. What an artist you are!

Debbie said...

The pillows are in keeping with your French styling, and always lend beauty to your wonderful way with decor, Dore'.
Love the idea of the hardware for your curtain rods!
Always a pleasure to visit here.

Rié Moratto said...

I adore the ticking mixed with the grainsack... divine! Lovely, Lovely design. xxRié

handmade by amalia said...

I love visiting your serene and pretty world, Dore.

Mary Ann Pickett said...


lynn cockrell said...

Your pillows are beautiful, Dore!

Donna Heber said...

Your pillows are gorgeous! You have such a beautiful room.

Vertraeumtes Stadthaus said...

Wow, it looks so bautiful ♥

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh your photos are breathtaking. Your decor is serene, calming and elegant at the same time. I love all your pretty pillows and French accent chairs.

We are re-doing our living room so I am glad I stopped here. Such great inspiration.

Thank you. Your blog is gorgeous.


Unknown said...

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Pura Vida said...

Such a perfect blend of all the right elements

Joanne Bischof said...

So beautiful and what a divine front porch!

lynn cockrell said...

Your pillows are so beautiful, Dore.