April 07, 2016

Provencal Market Inspired...Authentic Humble Hands

My daughters hands ( Hannah Callaway )  

Burlap Luxe
~ Dore Callaway 

Burlap Luxe
Hand thrown pottery. Creating simple pieces with
attention to its imperfect details, European inspired.

Each piece holds a brocante market feel.
Unexpected moments with a feel of comfort in
Old-World style.

Every piece stamped BL

The moment a cup-bowl fit shapely in my
hands I knew they had to be a part of 
Burlap Luxe pottery line. 

The cup idea clearly came from the way the French
enjoy life In the countryside.
Coffee, teas, and delights are introduced and served up 
in a cup-bowl.

My mission is to inspire the beauty in the imperfect.
Entertain your home with countryside rural romance while 
connecting with hands that create.

Bed-side roses

 Humble Hands Create.

The Cup-Bowls and dessert plates will soon be finished in the finest clay 
with dinning safe glaze fired with heirloom beauty.

Available soon...

BurlapLuxe esty shop
 Serving ideas...Individual pepper and sea-salt servings add to
a European rustic meal aside BL pottery.

Letting life unfold charmingly,

Having my whole heart.
My last of a series of 4
Sea painting "The French Sea"
painted on 100 year old salvage wood.
By Dore Callaway

BurlapLuxe etsy shop


Victoria said...

Your pottery is so beautiful Dore! Love the little sea salt and pepper servers, so pretty:)

michele said...

so many dreamy moments here. thank you for sharing your heart, your art, your vision, and your positive energy so we may also be enveloped by it. the pottery line is just so you. and the painting with its watery hues so quiet and life-giving...lovely. peace to you.

Rhonda said...

Serene and calm, your art is so beautiful.

Rhonda said...

Serene and calm, your art is so beautiful.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Dore, I can't wait to purchase a set of your beautiful cup/bowls!
I love pottery and yours speaks to my soul. :)
xo, T.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

The creamer just arrived and I love the rustic charm and OMGosh loving the handle. Love the photos of Hannah's hands modeling your pottery, pretty shirt! Your photo essay beautifully shows the rustic charm and beauty of your art.

justys said...

Ah what should i say again! Love IT!

justys said...

Ah what should i say again! Love IT!

vintageandart said...

Beautiful pottery creations...simple, elegant and useful. l also love your sea painting.

helen tilston said...

Hello Dore,
Your pottery line is so beautiful and organic. Your daughter so preciously clings to the cup.
Your painting on old board is beautiful.
Have a glorious weekend

Helen x

the gardener's cottage said...

such beauty. you are so blessed with a talent for the serene. your home is soooo tranquil. x

Méa Strauß said...

the picture of the oysters... heaven for my eyes. I printed it out to have it in front of me.
Your pottery, these sweet hands of your daughter telling what mother earth and her mother did together. A circle of three. So wonderful in the sense of the word.
The result then, to give healthy delicious tee in it... These symbols flowing over!!
What a post!
An artist and a poet you are. And a mother - as well as a mother of your creations .)
Doré, have a sweet hug fromme, bright days (do you say this in English?), your friend Méa

Unknown said...

All so beautiful Dore! You create such lovely pottery and paintings all with an artistic flair. And as always, I just love your styling!! xo

It's me said...

Doré ...your beautiful bowls again....i am totaly in love.....wowwww...happy weekend love love love Ria x ❤️❤️❤️

gail peterson said...

Beautiful Dore,

I can see this line of yours becoming something very special.

I would love to know what the shade of white is close to, a pure white or a beige?
Is the finish matter or glossy? What will the care be? Hand or dishwasher?

Looking forward to it!
I wish you the best in your new creative space.

DD's Cottage said...

Beautiful words and pottery!

lynn cockrell said...

Your pottery is so beautiful, Dore!

handmade by amalia said...

Achieving true simplicity must be the hardest thing of all. I do adore your blog and your ceramics and that very first photo is a keep, dear Dore.

Woodside Park said...

Such beautiful, charming pieces, Dore! Congratulations on your latest creations. You are so gifted, my friend. And I want that seascape painting for our home in Maine.
Happy spring,

Pura Vida said...

Awwww perfection

Lisa said...

I am late to comment here. I am so in love with these cups! Just so organic and simple. What a lovely photo of Hannah's hands holding the cup made by her mother's hands! Love it and it should be the trademark photo for your pottery line BL. What a lovely shirt she is wearing too! :) Look forward to seeing these beauties in your Burlap Luxe shop soon. I love that painting too! You know I do! :) Xx Lisa

Christel said...

Dear Dore, I can imagine a family, gathered round a charming old table, but still, set with faded charm, enjoying a breakfast, of fresh berries, French brewed coffee, and delightful sweet cream cheese w homemade biscuits. The pottery not only makes me envision this, but a quiet countryside romantic dinner for a young couple just starting out..over a hundred years ago...these pieces, I imagine were proudly presented at the table. They will no doubt be that, and more for whoever purchases them now. Wonderful work, from loving hands my friend. XOXO Christel

Red Rose Alley said...

How impressive that you make your own pottery, Dore, and what's so special is that the cups and bowls and plates were made with your own humble hands. I took a pottery class many years ago and loved it. I'd love to get back to it after looking at all the creativity here. Your bedside roses are so pretty and such a soft pink color. Love that picture of your daughter's hands. I'm off to check out more of the pottery pieces you've made. :)

Have a splendid week.


zerry ht said...

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