November 10, 2014

Burlap Luxe Rural And Creative...Comfortable Living

Burlap Luxe Home Living

It's the precious imagination seen in a piece that just belongs.

Burlap Luxe comfortable living, keeping it calm, plain and
useful - giving each piece a chance at a good design.

Burlap Luxe - Rustic

Burlap Luxe - Salvage

Burlap Luxe - Galvanized Buckets

Burlap Luxe - Garden And Rustic Goat Bell

Burlap Luxe - Bottles And Zinc

Burlap Luxe - Nature

Burlap Luxe - Vintage Rustic Box

Burlap Luxe - Box Of Keeping

Burlap Luxe - French Wire Art Crowns.

I have newly created crowns for my etsy shop.
A perfect Christmas tree topper, cake topper for your wedding, shower gift for
her sweet arrival. Home decor, holiday gifting.

Here..BurlapLuxe etsy shop

The detailing in my work, vintage wire of salvage, vintage jewlery, pearls, wire and glass beads,
as well as woven wire threads and vintage laces. Then charmed with a
vintage ephemera word of endearment.

Details in my original hand bent French wirework, crusty age artist created, and
sealed for heirloom quality.
(Charm reads) Duchesse, Love, and France.

Burlap Luxe

Living feels timeless with worn and rustic - Less complicated belogings.


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré the rustic simplistic but beautifully soulful home and the essence of peace that surrounds you and Hannah is always a welcome site when you put up a new post. Your creativity comes from an artistry that always inspires. Some may attempt their creative energies in capturing your work but being an admirer and lucky enough to own some of your art I must say you make beauty and magic like no one I've ever seen. I will be back to view the beauty in this post many times.

Joy Junktion said...

Beauty in the pieces! Time Loved and heartfelt pieces! Blessings!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So much beauty in all these rustic pieces. Perfect for your soulful space. Your beautifully crafted crowns have an organic earthiness about them. Delightful!

Junkchiccottage said...

I always love your simple but beautiful way you let your pieces speak for themselves. Love the crowns and ohhhh that keeper box all chippy and lovely. If you ever sell that let me know. That one spoke to me. So beautiful.

Paint Me White said...

Hi Dore, how are you. So much beauty I could just stay on your blog all day long. Hugs to you. Sandy xx

Gigi Thibodeau said...

Beautiful selections, and I love your wirework! xo Gigi

Méa Strauß said...

There it is - the rustic metal, the wicker baskets, the wooden Element, the zinc, ahhhhh, you ctreated this perfect setting like a menue with all heavenly tastes. A setting in wich these gorgeous crowns live and show their beauty. This is the style I admire - your style. French chateau with country charm as well, this paired with your unique artwork.
To say it in short: WOW!
I am so happy to know you and this space here - feeling like a hand in a glove :))))
Have a really wild Méa-Hug, Doré, from the Méa with the glitterbox ;))

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

As always, just full of peace and beauty! Love your pics and blog! ♥

It's me said...

Wowww doré ...!!!...all is so so so beautiful..!!...let's go shipping...!!!! from me Ria...happy day....!.x!

Bente said...

Oh my, your rustic pieces are so beautiful. I simply love your style.
The new crowns are fantastic, Dore. Love them.

Wish you beautiful days.

Big hug from here

angie said...

ich liebe alle alten teile!!! wow!!! liebe grüße von angie und einen schönen dienstag

Anonymous said...

I love every wonderful piece.


Karena said...

Dore when you pull all of your creations and finds together it is such a soulful atmosphere! While I cannot live without color, the respite you offer is so very enticing!

The Arts by Karena

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma chère! I am very late for this glorious post.....we had our first snow storm yesterday and it made my evening commute a very long one. I am barely catching up to my emails and blogging!

Your articles of décor are just perfect for any season, but especially for this season of quiet living, of rest. Every item with its rustic feel is a charmer, and just the right amount of distressing gives the pieces a royal air....HOW I LOVE THEM!

now off to work in the snow...back later!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Your crowns are evolving... each one more and more beautiful, Doré.

So very peaceful here. Always, always ~ a joy to visit you, my friend.

Much love,

Susan' Hearts and Flowers said...

Such gorgeous creativity. What an inspiration you are!

Rhonda said...

Your artistry in your crowns amaze me and I've never seen anything like it. Your home exudes calm, serenity, peace and I love it. You inspire me:) said...

WOW!!! Love it!!!! Another gorgeous post:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Susie said...

Very Nice décor. Love the crowns. xoxo,Susie

DD's Cottage said...

the simple and rustic elements you create seem to calming and soothing. I love all your rooms and the crowns are simply splendid. Crusty and chippy and peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Dore, your work is beautiful as always. Your crowns sing to my heart!

Christel said...

Dear Dore, such beauty and elegance! Weathered, and worn, but not forgotten treasures. You have found that very unique and rare place, where time stands still, and somehow shows a true future for an abundance of beautiful design, yet ushers us back to a simpler time. I love everything you create, the photos you so expertly take, and your beautiful home. Keep inspiring us! Love, Christel

michele said...

gorgeousness-osity abounds here, dore. your crowns speak volumes. they are luxe but oh so humble, and it's that mysterious mix that colors my world in a beautiful way. like the prince of peace who came to reign on earth via an ordinary woman. who left this place in the most humble of manners, affixed to a rustic symbol of love, crowned with glorious thorns. how can this juxtaposition you so love be anything less than divine? peace to you, right where you are.

chateau chic said...

Your posts are always one-of-a-kind, drawing on your amazing ability to create beauty and loveliness out of what might seem the ordinary.
And your new crowns...exquisite!!
Mary Alice

Rhonda said...

Your style always awakens my soul. It's as if I've finally found what I like.

J'adore your "less complicated belongings", that phrase is now with me.

Much Love, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

I love your crowns.....really, truly adore them! They are saved into my favorites on Etsy.
I would love to own one of these crowns....using them as a tree topper is such a brilliant idea!
Your talent is incredible, more than that. The detail you use, the thought you obviously use, your just so wonderful at everything you create! I cant wait for your ideas to expand into more greatness!! xoxo ~Ashley

helen tilston said...

Hello Dore

The crowns are stunning. I love the ambience you create

Helen x

Little Farmstead said...

Those french wire art crowns are so beautiful!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dore,
This is just what my heart needed.
The only thing that exceeds your talented hands is your kind heart.
Wishing you a wonderful season.
Your crowns are simply amazing!
blessings dear friend

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello Darling, I am smitten over those Crowns your so ever Talented. Love the one I already have but sure wouldn't mind adding another.
I have not forgotten you it's just been crazy busy and I never know when it's a good time to contact you.Hugs Hope all is well. xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi Dore,
So glad to have met you and discovered your blog and Etsy shop! I am such a fan and love your simple, rustic style! So happy to own some of your creations in my home! Blessings! xo

edy said...

So simple yet so alive.....
I love it all

Pura Vida said...

Dore you've done it again!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dore,
I am looking forward to seeing what you will come up with.
Yes, please do let me know.
Thank you again for visiting.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello Dore!
I am in love with that white washed trunk! It is inspiring me to do one for myself! Also, I think your gorgeous crowns would make the perfect tree topper, or ornaments!
So happy I popped in tonight!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Such beautiful and calming images, Dore. I love the vintage, rustic, and handmade creations. Especially your crowns, amazing!

diane said...

I am a huge vintage fan .... this collection is wonderful!!!

"Create Beauty" said...

Dore' ~ How I adore your creations, designed from your heart and soul!!!

b e a u t i f u l

s o u l f u l

d r e a m y

h a p p y

s m i l e ~ i n d u c i n g!

have a very blessed week my dear.
~ Violet

Divine Theatre said...

I picture you gliding through your home in white cotton socks that never get soiled. :)



Anne said...

Beautiful crowns! Love the beauty and simplicity of your home <3

Cindy said...

As always ... you enchant me


Linda said...

Everything is lovely! Thank you so much for sharing.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Dore,
You are SO talented ….. from making your home oh so beautiful to your very creative hands. Your crowns are so wonderful. It is such a pleasure to visit your blog. I always come away inspired.
…. and, many thanks for your lovely comment over at mine.
Happy weekend Dore. XXXX

lynn cockrell said...

Dore, you have such an awesome talent for creating the most beautiful objects. Your photographs are lovely and the crowns are wonderful. I love it all!

Vicky said...

I love every wonderful piece, What an inspiration you are!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I love the raw beauty, especially of the door knob and key.

La Contessa said...

Perhaps MY DUCHESS needs one of your crowns......will pass on!XO

dori said...

Very authentic work and interesting performance!

Hallo, Dore, thank you for visiting me. This is a big honor for me. I think some of the wooden stuffs from Xaverhof would be interesting objects for your art :)

Heaven's Walk said...

You weave such incredible quiet beauty throughout your home, Dore. I love the serenity of it all. Your crowns are so beautiful and mix perfectly with the chipped, vintage found treasures. Beautiful, my talented friend!

xoxo laurie

cindy hattersley design said...

Those crowns are perfection..I need to update my Xmas decor..I think one of those crowns might want to come live at my house!!

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dore: loved this post. But I actually, this weekend I went to a salvage/antique store and I immediately thought of you and how you would just love this place. And this post confirms that. Beautiful details that bring it all together.

Unknown said...

Oh Dore, you were on my mind this weekend as I painted a little Gustavian style console. I just love all of your gorgeous weathered French furniture. I can't wait to see your other projects. I am finally back on my furniture transformation mood and I am starting my inventory for an online shop. We will see how much of it I can really let go. : )

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Dore,
Just love those beautiful crowns, so feminine. Thank you for coming by my blog to share in my travels to Norway, I truly appreciate it.

Kay said...

Simply beautiful Dore!

Woodside Park said...

You create beauty everywhere, friend. Burlap Luxe is simply splendid!! I love your crowns - so special with their texture, patina and sculptural form. Cheers, Dore!

Jo Potter said...

Love this elegant collection. French lace and natural, distressed wood furniture. You have a beautiful home, Dore!
Thanks for an inspiring post.
Warmest wishes,
Jo. xx

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I found your door and it's just beautiful. I love the layered look you created. Your entire home is gorgeous, you have such a great style. Thanks for visiting today!

Anonymous said...

Your crowns are absolutely gorgeous Dore! You have an amazing talent that just shines through everything you do! I love these. Thank you for letting me know about this post, Gigi.