October 28, 2012

Tarnished And White

I am entertaining a white holiday...
With added brush strokes to it.
Inspiring white, and grey, and best of all tarnished.

Holiday Stockings may be found for purchase in my peaceful Burlap Luxe etsy.

(photo Burlap Luxe)
 Holiday signs hand painted by Dore Callaway (me) can also be found in my peaceful etsy shop.
I have been busy painting in Nordic vintage style.

      Garden wheel barrel is moved to the front porch perfectly rusted readying it for winters coming.
      Where mini trees will fill its space with the beauty of all is calm.
 All Is Calm is this years new sign, also adding White Christmas to my peaceful etsy shop.
This SIGN is an all around the year sign, yet so perfect for the HOLIDAYS!

This signs verbiage was taken from the Christmas song Silent Night,
Silent Night is the most famous Christmas carol of all time!
Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

You will find my etsy on my sites sidebar.

 Inspiring all French Nordic country style. "2-13 All Photo's Burlap Luxe Home"


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dore,
I love it here.. A place where I always find beauty and a true sense of calmness.. Everything looks so lovely, and your signs are pieces of art that can be treasured always... I wish my pockets were full.. Maybe one day before the holidays, I hope.

Thank you my friend, for your creative mind and gifted hands.
Love and blessings,

Victoria said...

This post gave me butterflies in my stomach Dore! I LOVE Christmas, I love the entire month of December...as soon as Thanksgiving's over I break out the holiday music and start decorating:) I love your creations! We got rid of 90% of our Xmas decorations when we left CA which means I get to buy all new stuff for this year (albeit on a tight budget!)...I'm excited and plan on going very grey and white:)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Always Enjoyable! Wishing you well~Cheers & Blessings Kim

helen tilston said...

Hello Dore

This is your best ever!!!!

I love it all and in particular I am warmed by the words of Silent Night.

May your week be peaceful.

Helen xxx

Leslie said...

Gorgeous photographs. There is something about grey and white.. serene, fresh, and always open to a pop of color.

I am looking forward to checking out those white holiday stockings!


Unknown said...

Love the colors Grey and white did them last year and will do them again this one as well It makes so warm and beautiful....Happy Fall


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I always feel a sense of calm when I visit, Dore. Your beautiful creations, and style are so inspiring. xoxoRosemary

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening dear Dore,
I am so happy you were able to attend the ballet! Thank you so much for your thoughtful words.

I would be happy and honored to make a ballerina with a grey tutu for you, but will need to order some grey wool.. I am out... I will email you with the details.
Love and blessings,

Laura Venosa Verbena said...

Beautiful beautiful my dear friend. For some reason I am in tbe spirit early this years... Must be all tbe white that is sprinkling around this creative community. That first picture is amazing where is that... Love it all . As always your posts are just beautiful. Here's to Holiday magic to all! Enjoy

Divine Theatre said...

I leave your post today with the same serene feeling I have when the snow is silently falling outside my windows.



Seawashed said...

You know you are singing my song...all is calm...in whites and greys. You've captured the rythm of heart exactly. Loveliness.

Unknown said...

Dore, those white stockings are stunning! I can imagine a mantle full... you sure have some gorgeous creations. Your shop seems to be ready for the holidays...
have a lovely week!

Kate said...

Dear Dore
You always capture my heart with your posts. I anxoiusly await the time when I will meet you in person dear friend. I love how your images and your work touch so many of us. What a beautiful blessing you are to my heart. Much love to you always


"Create Beauty" said...

Very beautiful, yes, All is Calm ~

I've just finished our guest room, all in white with just a few touches of pale pink and grey... wasn't expecting to do this, but it kind of designed itself! I love going in there.... the whites are so calming and peaceful.

The photos of your homes vignettes are so inspiring.


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love the "All is calm" !

It's me said...

I love them all!!...great project great done !!...lovely week...love Ria...xxx..

Sueann said...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HOW DID I MISS ALL OF THIS? I know, I was in my workshop all weekend!

You know how I feel about all this beautiful gray and I am starting to look at my décor here and wanting to decorate for the holidays in grays and white. THANK YOU for the constant inspiration ma chère Doré! Anita

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! The more I come here, the more sure I become that I need to refinish my French armoire & farmtable in greys instead of browns.
So beautiful, Dore! LOVE the signs. :)

Pura Vida said...

Dore, Amazing! the words are so pretty and sweet. Love your brush photo!


How Lovely as always Dore!..... Its been a while since I last visited certainly not from lack of interest, just lack of time in the day whilst setting up the new POWDER GREY store. I love this time of year and seeing your post just reminds me how special and how greatful we are in what we have!..... Sandie x

Christel said...

Hi Dore, such beautiful, soulfull pieces speak out from this blog post!Silent Night is one of my favorite Christmas songs, and this sign, well, it's perfect for all seasons, but reflects the true spirit of Christmas. Hope All is Calm in your world, here, life is a bit hectic lately, but finally beginning to ease up a bit. Always wonderful to visit here with you, and have that imaginary cup of tea over girl talk! xoxox Christel

Deborah said...

The beauty here leaves me breathless and a sense that "All is calm"
Beautiful Dore...

Deborah xo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

All is stormy here right now so this post is an extra joy to look at! Your new sign is wonderful Dore and I just love that photo of the paint brushes!

Rita said...

Oh Dore,
your creations are pieces of art. love your signs and those white stockings are so pretty.
as always, your posts are most inspiring and I'm always looking forward to the next one.

Unknown said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Such peaceful settings.....love all your photos, they are beautiful....

Cindy said...

Those are some stunning photographs! So much depth and so many layers to them. I'm completely drawn to all of them... we'll just have to add photography to one of your many talents! Beautiful sign too with such comforting words ...


Victoria said...

It's me again Dore! I'm just popping back in to say thank you so much for the Christmas idea's:) I'll look back on your posts from last years holiday season also.

BTW, do you have a Facebook "Like" page for your blog? That would be wonderful if you did!!!

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

You are one talented lady with a great sense of style. I think I need your "all is calm" sign over my desk to inspire me to take a couple of deep breaths and think of France - currently my life has taken on the guise of a tangled ball of string! Gros bisous.

Valerie@chateaualamode.typepad.com said...

Dore, I want you to know that I love your blog. Love when you post and I get treated to reading your post and looking at your beautiful photos. I love your Christmas ideas ande that you embrace the tarnish! xo

BonjourRomance said...

So lovely Doré, all you do is very elegant and calming.
We must catch up, you and I. Would love to talk about collaborating on something.Not usre my emails are going through to you.
Your Christmas signs are wonderful, I'm ready for the season this year!

Bon journée,

Karena said...

Dear Dore,

I have missed you and have not been ready for the Holidays; your signage and White Christmas decor has me yearning....for Peace on Earth...

2012 Artists Series

chateau chic said...

There is so much beauty and peacefulness in your photos! So lovely and inspiring!
Mary Alice

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma chère amie!

You know how much I love your world precious friend! Thank you for coming to MY WORLD where I enjoy reaching for words and ideas. I am taking my first writing course in writing memoirs; it is my first writing course in years.

What magic do you have stored up for the holidays? Are you planning a theatre piece? Let me know. Maybe we can come up with another magical event this year! BISOUS, Anita

LizlovesVintage said...

Lovely as always!!!
I wish you lives closer.. I could use a lesson or two on furniture painting techniques Dore. Amazing!!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
xoxo Liz

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Dore,

Lovely to discover your beautiful blog, found it via Penny. The wooden signs are fabulous and really love all the gorgeous shades of white and grey here.

Happy day

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What a review that was! Thank you dearest Dore.. Your encouraging and heartfelt words have touched my heart.. I am so happy you were so pleased when you opened the box.. I was hoping that shade of grey was what you had in mind.
I too, received your mail today..
Thank you so much.. Looking forward to seeing her on your stage over the holidays.
Love, Penny

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle!

I am so thrilled that you ordered one of Penny's magical creations. I have about 10 of her wonders in my cabinet, two of which are recent purchases and are wool! I bought her Mother Goose and Pumpkin the owl, and NOW, when I can save up for it, I NEED A MOUSE IN GRAY! Oh how your daughter will squeal with joy when she sees her!!!!

Oh what sweetness is coming down the pike for us as we yet again try to come up with a holiday theatre theme! I am very busy these days, but creativity strikes at any given moment; it is just TIME that needs to bend a little to accommodate our whims!!!