February 27, 2010

French Antique Iron Panel

Another great find and aged with just the right patina. This piece was laying out in a small pile of junked items roadside and I was happy to see that the owner of this wonderful fragment was tending to his yard. I stopped my car this was my perfect chance to ask if he would consider selling it, to my surprise he said you can have that old piece of junk while smiling and what did I want with it he asked, my response was I am not sure yet, but I love it.

February 17, 2010

Old Door, It's Mine Now

"I design totally by color" This old 150 plus year old door was taken down out of the barn rafters of my Grandfathers California desert 150 plus year old home. The door was apple green with undertones of years of colors, a great color but just did not work with my European French style home. I needed to strip off the old color while preserving the integrity of the age and charm of the door. The color needed to reflect the tones I love to live with and changing the color was going to be a big one.

Being an interior designer and artist did not make this job easy at all I had to recreate an aged look and feel to the color applied along with the age of the door. It had to look as if it was aged with time, naturally distressed and weathered with natural tones and layers of shades that are subtle yet there to take in and notice. I took a day stripping it and preparing to paint it a perfectly imperfect aged white showing natural tones of different creamy colors that announces that it is time worn with age. This process is one that is almost impossible to reproduce and I think I pulled it off enough to second guess it's new painted age.

This door lures you into taking a closer look and to touch it's natural aged appearance. A door can make a wonderful backdrop that can be used in many design styles, it will add a piece of art to a wall that would otherwise go unnoticed be inspired to restyle and reuse family history as I did.

European Silver Platters

I love their great vintage fine patina.

Iron Cart

I'VE ALWAYS ADMIRED PEOPLE who have style, but I absolutely adore people who share there sense of style with others. I knew this was a treasure at first glance, and I knew I had to have it. I am happy to share with you a piece I acquired just by stopping and asking if it were for sale, of course it was a deal I could not pass up. This cart expresses a direct connection between the outdoors or indoors. Pieces like these have loads of charm in any room of the house. Restyled as a side table next to a sofa or chair for a perfect reading table, serving table or nightstand; adding euro flea market style to any room. Every room needs a treasured piece, and this just might be one of them. I would love to keep it but it is leaving my home with a detailed clean up and off to my shop, another inspiring piece.
( It is now SOLD)

Altered Art Ferris Wheel

I love creating altered art, mixed media, and working with paper. This ferris wheel reminds me of Paris, so in the likeness of it I created one for myself. It is mounted on a wood base that is covered with French book pages, and embellished with vintage Eiffel tower post cards. Of course with my signature touch, a piece of burlap and twine. I hope this inspires you to become more passionate for a little whimsy for the soul.

French - Inspired Paper Art

I suppose I never outgrew my childhood, starting with papering my bedroom closet doors, bottles or shoe boxes, and everything I thought needed to be covered with art. Here is a bit of my French inspired work, boxes, tags, bookmarks, tin can pencil holders, and whimsical crowns. As you see nothing in life has changed much for me, I am still papering and creating.

Intriguing Artful Paper Boxes

I must tell you, these handmade boxes covered in book pages from seven centuries of love letters will romance you. I still get a thrill when I create one, and even more excited when I hear that one has gone home with a good customer. They are constructed with heavy materials, tons of glue and charming book pages along with intriguing scraps of handmade paper trim's. The insides are finished as well, with added paper art that is sure to get a ooh! and aw!! out of you, or anyone that you may share it with. These boxes tell a story all on their own. Paper birds and nests, are most likely at the bottom staring back at you artfully. Perhaps you would end up with one with a crown print. They are all one-of-a-kind, and scream out with artful European flea market style. Completed with matte finish in layers will ensure this box ever lasting aged beauty. I sell them in my shop as well as to the trade, they measure 6" 1/2 length 3" 1/2 width 4"1/2 height. You too could have a place to store your dreams, and memories. Just contact me there is one ready for you.

A place to keep your memories, and inspired dreams. I hope I have inspired you to make a romantic box European flea market style.

Romantic old world book pages inspired me to make, and cover boxes. An artist is never done until decorative painting has been added to these boxes. Sharing a passion for paper, and paint with you all.

French Iron Bed

An irresistible iron headboard that I will bring to my shop, or put to artistic use for myself.

Delightful Displays

These little simple antique bottles were found at one of our local thrift shops by my daughter Hannah, who also loves the art of designs and creating. Sometimes I just may not be in the mood to rummage, this is when the best deals are found and not by me but my daughter age 16 and well on her way to being an artist of her own kind. At the bottom of this medium sized box filled with old bottles was a buried treasure of old mini bottles, all 16 of them in mint condition. This will be our next great aging and antiquing project, can you not see the wonderful embellishments to these sweet vintage bottles.

Today we are throwing out the TO DO LIST and making it a day of creating, I hope one will stay in our home and knowing my daughter she will pick out her favorite one and then say...I am keeping this one for my room...PLEASE!! Then the rest will go to the shop, I hope you are creating as well.