February 17, 2010

Iron Cart

I'VE ALWAYS ADMIRED PEOPLE who have style, but I absolutely adore people who share there sense of style with others. I knew this was a treasure at first glance, and I knew I had to have it. I am happy to share with you a piece I acquired just by stopping and asking if it were for sale, of course it was a deal I could not pass up. This cart expresses a direct connection between the outdoors or indoors. Pieces like these have loads of charm in any room of the house. Restyled as a side table next to a sofa or chair for a perfect reading table, serving table or nightstand; adding euro flea market style to any room. Every room needs a treasured piece, and this just might be one of them. I would love to keep it but it is leaving my home with a detailed clean up and off to my shop, another inspiring piece.
( It is now SOLD)

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