July 24, 2017

Revealing Its French Soul

Burlap Luxe Nesting Boxes

Artfully Created
Dore Callaway
Who writes the blog,
Burlap Luxe
I Build From Vintage Salvage

"My soul is in the sky."
~ William Shakespeare

"Perched I Shall Nest."
 Gracefully weaving.

" Birds of Song."
A Bower-Bird who collects and litters his home with 
sea shells, building a beautiful home in the courtship of
attracting his mate.

Salvage antique French frames,
elegant in nature. 

Field Brocante Creatively Wild

Tree branches, twine, wood, wire and paper.
 Naturally chosen pieces for this artist and her

French Book Art Ephemera

Artistically hidden when hung against the wall..

"May my heart always be open to little birds who
are the secrets of living."
~E.E Cummings
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe

My art can be found for purchase, Click Here...


Junkchiccottage said...

Beautiful Dore.

It's me said...

Wowwww so beautiful.......love from me Ria x ❤️

michele said...

Gorgeous work, Dore--so evocative of your style and heart, shared with the world. xox

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Just enchanting! I love bird motifs. But you have such wonderful ideas here. The frame fragments are so inspired. The beautiful colorways. The whole piece has your signature! Bravo!

Lisa said...

These bird box art pieces are the pretties thing and so unique from the mass produced art that is out there. I loved the one you did a few weeks back that I now have in my home. It is even lovelier in person. I look forward to getting more of these in the future. So creative and special. Just beautiful! Xx

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dore,
Your nesting boxes have stolen my heart. They are beautiful, and truly you!
blessings, dear friend

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré I love the salvaged frame used for the elegant header. There is a peacefulness that is experienced through the eyes appreciation of the bird nesting/houses art.

Art and Sand said...

You are so creative and talented!

Méa Strauß said...

Dearest Doré,
my golden one, these treasures of your increadible skillful hands, these unique pieces, they have the magic to turn a home into a temple, a sanctuary, you already live in. Soulfulness... Your art is touching, it is special.
And you live the life of an artist in so many ways.
Doré, I send you huggies again, as again you made me happy in amazement and admiration, your friend Méa

Rhonda said...

Bonjour Dore!
I just adore your artful hands creations! You are so connected with the earth and nature. xxx Rhonda

Debra of SENC said...

Dear Dore,
I found your blog through The Gardener's Cottage and I am glad I did. It is astoundingly beautiful. You are so talented.
Sincerely, Debra from SENC

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you dearly Debra, so sweet of you to take the time to visit me, mentioning how moved you were in your visit.
I hope you return finding yourself inspired to create from heartbreakingly old fragments salvage and pieces that move you to design around.



Unknown said...

Very meaningful piece of art. Continue doing like this kind of art. Nice and God Bless

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A Joyful Cottage said...

Romantic. Enchanting. Endearing. Timeless. Dreamy. LOVE.