June 08, 2017

French Artifacts Designed To Intrigue

 Burlap Luxe Home Designs

 French Artifacts Designed To Intrigue
 Country Modern Culinary Roadside Pottery

 now! listed Burlap Luxe etsy shop piece.
Inspired by creating rustic and rural style pottery

I always aim to inspire you with artful imperfections; with every piece a
new tale.
 Country French Rural And Rustic

Delights in a number of flaws, decayed with the fascination in creating little
vessels of culinary delight.
 Vintage Brocante French Flatware

Every morsel is eaten...
Old little French stories they do tell;
in each empty vessel.
 Burlap Luxe etsy shop
where created with a face all to familiar in its designs.

SHOP... click link here...BurlapLuxe 

More new pieces listing the next few days.
My Hand Thrown (BL) Burlap Luxe Pottery
As a hand full of mud inspires, I imagine what next. 

Via, My Dreamy Inspiration

Kitchens like these inspire the best from me;
 in French culinary creations. . 


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Love the way your creative mind thinks up new art pieces Doré. Country Pâté - very clever. Your inspiration room is truly beautiful, rustic, inviting and textural a total Yum. Will go visit your store where beauty is always found.

Méa Strauß said...

You are so unique, Dore, inspiration worked ;) So sweet, and out of the other-world, with your hands plugging them to be in ours.
I have inspiration too right now I am a bit vanished in the pinterest world, SO many plans on my mind...
I wish you a faboulos time, pottery delight, the best thing, creating with your skilled magical hands to come alive, always with that French touch of style - hugs from me, a bright summerday to come here, your happy friend Méa

Lisa said...

Dore, I always enjoy seeing what you come up with in your creative mind and then put to an art form, whether it is clay,fabric,or wood.Or whether it is an old piece of salvage or furniture that you transform with your special touch. Alway inspiring us to see things in a new way or to use our imagination and create something special for our home. You have been that inspiration for me with my home.
This new piece you have created is very sweet and unique for any French Country kitchen.Love it! Xx

It's me said...

Dore ....love what i see ....like your style happy weekend enjoy love love love ria x ❤️❤️❤️

Bente said...

Dear Dore. You are so creative and talented and make the most beautiful things.
Wish you a great weekend
Hugs from here

Junkchiccottage said...

Your talent never disappoints Dore. This is so creative and pretty. Love!
Happy Weekend.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Oh my Dore, what a lovely work of art. You have such a wonderful eye for all things lovely. You truly have answered your calling to design beautiful surroundings. I'm heading over to your Etsy right now.


michele said...

Inspiring work to feed my soul and energize my own creative stirrings. Thanks for consistently delivering the lovely, Dore. xox

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