January 15, 2017

A Village Artist Lives Here...A French Home

 Burlap Luxe French Home

A home I imagine in a French village, and I
am the village artist.
 Raw natural French country-side pieces and objects,
inspire my home and my art in designs.

 My home that acts much like an art studio, where living is
in the art of creating.

 A room filled with objects and pieces, rustic in what I salvage.
Pieces that call out to be loved all over again.

 A Quite Room For This Designer Artist.

 A French Country-Side Basket.
French Champagne ready

 Cafe de Lyon

The city of Lyon France
Cafe of Lyon

Rustic crate board I painted into rustic signs, with a French accent to each one. Now in my 
etsy shop,
 here at link...Burlap Luxe

 The Wine Region Of France
Champagne France

 Galvanized old buckets act as,
Champagne buckets.

French blown glasses, Fleur-de-lis flatware, and
my art in creating hand thrown rustic-rural French 
style pottery. I call my roadside pottery.
 Champagne Roses
French floral can 

Champagne Brunch


Méa Strauß said...

Yes, as live goes on.... 2017. January. The start. Plain. Down to the roots. Clearity. I love it. Your home is the mirror. The mirror to the songs of nature, spiced with the rustic and elegant style of France.
You never overdo these lines, you keep it calm and clear. You don´t have to hide behind loudness.
I wish you wonders in ths upcoming year. We we fill in, come waht may - in our own way. Huuugiiiies to you, my golden Doré, your friend Méa :))

Paintings by Louise, Maison Louise said...

So beautiful, totally my style.
Wish you a nice Sunday.
Greetings Loes

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Dore I just swoon each time when I see your beautiful decor. I want you to sell me that beautiful french basket! I adore that. Everything is just beautiful. Happy Sunday and have a wonderful start to the new week.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré I so relate ... it is about living surrounded in what we envision beautiful to grace our everyday and feed our creativity. Your imagined French village artist home in California lifts your soul to create in your truly gifted style. Your pale palate is a blank canvas for the beauty you create in your art. I appreciate your friendship and your talent, please always keep inspiring us. Everyday I look around and feel graced by the pieces created by you that enrich our Philadelphia home.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dore,
A beautiful, quiet and peaceful home, one that speaks your heart. Beauty abounds in every room.
I hope this note finds you well. I think of you often. Wishing you the very best in this New Year.
blessings and a gentle hug

It's me said...

Wowwww....i love your home.....wowww beautiful decorated...love it all doré...can't wait till the pup is born.....lovely week love Ria x ❤️

Splenderosa said...

Simply splendid.
That is the only way I can describe what you've created.
Brilliant !!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Your decorating style brings about a sense of peace, calm and sheer loveliness! I just get lost in your photos and I love looking at them over and over again and wondering how I can create the same in my home.
Thanks for sharing Dore. You've brought pretty into my life today and it feels good.


chateau chic said...

Entering your home would certainly feel like you're stepping foot into a French cottage in the middle of a quaint village. Loving the peacefulness your French home exudes. The tall candelabra and iron lantern continue to be a favorite of mine!
Mary Alice

JoanMarie said...

Your home and artistic style are so rusticly divine. Such a gentle yet powerful presence in your creations. So very beautiful on every level. I hope you are having a wonderful January dear one and I send you many warm hugs.

michele said...

champagne brunch sounds divine. and your signs are beautiful. i won't be surprised if your line gets picked up by a major retailer as your signature style is so well defined and harmonious. what are you serving for brunch on those gorgeous roadside plates? and did it take 7 years to scrub the finish off that naked wood side table? xox

handmade by amalia said...

The people of the village will welcome you with open arms. Your house will fit right in and there is always room for a great artist.

Unknown said...

So beautiful and inspiring Dore! The rustic charm you've created in your home is just lovely and your styling is so gorgeous. Xo

A Joyful Cottage said...

Calm, serene, lovely in its simplicity. Gently romantic. Your home is so special, Dore. I always enjoy a visit to your blog and a chance to see more of your artistic touches in your charming French home. xo

Art and Sand said...

Your home is absolutely lovely.

Bente said...

Dear Dore. Your home is so beautiful. Love your style.
Hugs from here

La Contessa said...

I can see you do not live with BOYS and BLACK HAIRED BEASTIES!!!!!!!
A LOVELY environment to develop and EXPLORE.I would be HAPPY there just staring into SPACE!
I have your theatre sitting here on the floor next to me waiting for a REDO in the interiors!Then I shall take it back to my MOTHER Of 91 years and let her enjoy!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

A beautiful home, Dore. I love your pottery. I also love your picnic basket. xoxo Su

Rhonda said...

Sundays are for blog hopping and coffee. I am always so happy to find your posts! The beautiful home you've created always makes me smile.

Oh, to have a home in France has always been my dream.

A place to create can happen in any room.

Happy Sunday to you sweet Dore.

June said...

Every single thing you choose to live with are beautiful dear Dore! How I adore your style and taste!!!
sending hugs...

Anonymous said...

The monochromatic palette is so calm and soothing, and your choice of furnishings and objects is comfortable yet elegant.

cindy hattersley design said...

Oh my that zinc bucket with the flowers is to die for..you have such style Dore!!

Lisa Vinci said...

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