August 16, 2016

Letter Boxes...Rustic LOVE

 Burlap Luxe Love

Little salvaged boxes filled with letters and words of

Burlap Luxe home gathers words of love...
past and future.

Being A 
Gatherer of 
 Recipes To Love

Past and present.

My daughter Hannah's box filled with ephemera words,
poetic pieces of meaning, a collection of her Callaway grandfathers broken
watch faces, skeleton keys, crystals and coins.
All gathered with love.
 Garden Seed Box

Hand crafted with love, and found thrifting to love
all over again.
 Letters Spell LOVE,
Word Profound

Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe 

I salvage for design and display.
A perfect word of love for a snug nursery, a wedding with
vintage rustic appeal, as well as a special gifting of
 Gathered Salvage
 Door Hinge
Hangs off the edge of a salvaged door-jam,
a perfect placing for a sweet dried petite bud, or
a gathering of wild clippings.
 Weathered and Rough-Hewn 
Rustic Pieces

Filled with window pane plasters and a 100 years of
age and decay. 


I love how my art evolves from a single slice of wood.
Artful Blogging Magazine Feature
Feb/Mar/Apr 2014
Pg. 6-13 
My home and written article
Dore Callaway Burlap Luxe  

Another one of my love signs, barn-wood and rustic elegant 

 My art in making this LOVE sign appeared on the book cover and
 pages of love In fifi O'Neill Prairie style weddings book.


Rustic and Romantic Farm, Woodland, and Garden Celebrations.

I am honored to be involved in the actual making of art that
is featured and then loved in the hands of those who purchase from my 
etsy Burlap Luxe of Burlap Luxe.

My featured LOVE sign is now listed for sale In my etsy shop,
click link here...BURLAPLUXE


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré like you I too love boxes. Especially fond of lidded boxes. Those small enough to house precious what nots to rediscover every so often. The box you created and gifted me with sits on our dining room credenza, inside are vintage rhinestone buttons I sew on my silk velvet pillows, glass beads for eyes for the clay mice I create, tiny little theatre props all neatly layered and placed inside. Magical bitty odds and ends that are contained like gifts of inspiration. Attractive boxes appear throughout our row home housing both John's and my things of importance only to us. Yes your post showing boxes resonated with me. I have noticed Hannah's box on her dresser in past photos, what a special memory box she holds dear in her heart. I loved your first love sign the one on Fifi's wedding book but this new one far surpasses in textural interest and added salvaged parts. It would be perfect in a nursery to encourage wonderment. But equally as perfect in a nesting area of a home. Like a bedroom or sitting room or den. I enjoy seeing your latest creations out of salvage and look forward to your next piece of art for whatever it will be, it will be made with soulful energy and love.

Leslie Harris said...

You are SO talented!
Thanks for inspiring me each time I visit.

Lisa said...

I love this "LOVE" sign! Your best yet! It is so pretty with the various neutral tones in it and the textures! Just lovely! The boxes are wonderful for storing keepsakes and little teasures that have meaning and memories. I love Hannah's box of special keepsakes. So sweet! Having things in our home we love and that have meaning to us is so important and makes our home our own. You are an inspiration and so very talented! XO

Unknown said...

Everything you create is so beautiful and filled to the brim with character! I always enjoy your design aesthetic of salvaged weathered pieces both found and created by you. Your home and artwork are both so authentic and natural, I especially love the "LOVE" sign pictured on the cottage bed with the light shining in. Gorgeous!! xo

Méa Strauß said...

Oh, and you hold the key, Doré, with French style blown over it like fairy dust. So many different sides of your talent I came to admire over the last years, and always new, even if you stay true to your special style.
It is elegant and poetic, never overdone. I admire your creations-
Your kingdom breathes inspiration, that I can tell.
Let me hug you for all you give me, your friend Méa

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Wow, the Love sign is so pretty! The painted boxes are a great idea too. Lovely.


It's me said...

You are famous all over the what you your love love Ria ❤️❤️❤️

Splenderosa said...

My darling Rie, how you create something so beautiful out of things which might go un-noticed in our busy lives is transformational in more ways than one. It takes not only a creative eye but a loving eye to do what you do. And, you also know how much I have long admired you !! Just beautiful !!!

Rhonda said...

Your tender words and art evoke such strong emotions. I just love your sign, it's texture and soft at the same time. xxoo

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

Hi Dore,
I know this is a random place to post this (lovely post, though!) but I thought of you today with the huge fire happening. I thought I recalled that you might have a home in the fire area, and I just wanted to check to see that all was okay? Pray you have not been affected by the terrible tragedy.


Irena said...

Dear Dore,
the box and the Love sign are so beautiful! I love reading your blog, you are very talented and inspiring person...


Bente said...

Dear Dore. Your box is so beautiful. I love the sign too. It is so speciale. Everything you lay your hand on, becomes beautiful, my friend.
Hugs from here

Junkchiccottage said...

Dore I remember your article in Artful Blogging. My hubby rights poetry and I have a special box I save all his love letters and precious words written. That Love sign is just beautiful. I love that. Happy rest of the week.

cindy hattersley design said...

Dore I love your daughter's box you have given me a great idea for my daughter's birthday. All of your treasures are so thoughtfully created.

Sherry said...

♥ the l♥ve sign .. so creative.
would have never thought of it. :)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello My Darling , I am just checking in on you. Always beautiful over here. Hugs xoxo

Little Farmstead said...

Sweet keepsake boxes with precious contents... One of my sons painted a box where he keeps his prized possessions... lovely in it's own rite, it resembles more of a rocket blasting off than your soothing white and wood palette. :) I have long loved your "love" sign. Beautiful art here. Enjoy your week! Xo, ~julie

Birgitte og Kaffekoppen said...

Simply beautiful :-)
Enjoy your sunday

chateau chic said...

So happy to see how your gorgeous artwork and creations are recognized and published in so many wonderful magazines and books. Not surprising because you are so talented in creating so much beauty out of the ordinary. Also, your pottery is absolutely gorgeous!
Mary Alice

La Petite Gallery said...

I collect Boxes too. AHAAA! good idea for garden seeds. yvonne

HWIT BLOGG said...

What a lovely it! A beautiful box for garden seeds!
Have a beautiful weekend, take care.

Summer said...

These boxes are so very cute ♥

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dore,
It is always so inspiring when I visit you here. I adore your LOVE sign.
Your creativity continues to flourish with every piece.
Wishing you a beautiful and creative week.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Dore, it is always a treat and feast for my eyes to stop by Burlap Luxe. I am "dipping my toe in the water" again with my blog after having taken it down for a while and seldom visiting the blog world. I've found some bloggers, (who are on my reading list), are continuing to inspire me with their creativity, some are inspiring me with their courage in facing unexpected life-challenges that have occurred since i've been regularly online and others who sadly no longer blog. I am SO VERY glad to find you still here. I'm going to raid my husband's shed looking for cast offs to form the letters, l, o, v & e. Bisous, Elizabeth