July 11, 2014

French Romance, Promise, Ceremony, Designs

Burlap Luxe Home Designs And Art.

I posted my latest cabinet that I married rustically with a Century Furniture Co. Side table
buffet in my last post that felt like it found its place in my home office severing as storage.
I was not sure it felt right so the last couple of days while finishing up some art piece's
I began to study a kitchen wall and this is what came of it.

This is the piece that entertained use in my home office as storage in my last post.
While finishing up some art pieces I was studing this wall in my kitchen, and decided
that this piece was hidden in my office and not looked at enough; you know what I mean?
It was a piece I could not take my eyes off of to its final design and paint finish
I gave it.

The buffet, side board was salvaged from a local thrift shop, I paided $22.00
for, and it was in bad scratched up shape, yet sturdy with European country lines;
and what a deal for a piece that came from Century Furniture Co. High Point
North Carolina, the largest industry in trade showing of fine furniture.
The top Cabinet was married to this buffet 2 years later when I found this!
I took out the glass shelving and added aged alder planks splits and all. I
then added raw plywood beadboard backing to another piece of 1/4"
plywood for strength; adding shelving support runs under the shelving incase
I ever wanted to hang it as part of my kitchen cabinets, rustic and inspiring.
The cabinet cost me $30.00. Alder wood and plywood another $31.00
For $83.00 this is what now inspires my kitchen wall.

I am still finding the right pieces to fill the cabinet with.
Yet I do know that the plates will stay because they fit so well in place.

I ordered the plates for a  sweet friend and blogger;
Laura Venosa...
Verbena Nested Tresures.blogspot.com

Laura's French pottery plates made with the finest of clays are so loved in our home.
Look at there ir.reg.u.lar not even or balance in shape or arrangement.
I asked her to custom make me some plain in colour and,
as out of shape as she could. Are they just not the most charming plates with so much
French charm?

I love pieces that have multiple personalities, taking on a look for
what ever room you place them in.

Burlap Luxe art piece, created by me! Dore Callaway.

This corner of my kitchen looks onto the buffet/sideboard and cabinet.
I am loving all the added cabinets in this room adding surround sound to it.

New to my etsy BurlapLuxe etsy shop is...
My newest of three new paintings that can be found now for sale.



"Romance in France"
Paper French vintage ephemera art back ground and vintage crusty lace, all
painted with plaster technique to the back ground and laces I am known for.
Painting the "Flowers Of Light" Brush dipped in paint with a soulful connection.



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonsoir, Dorée! You perform magic - $22 for this masterpiece? What a deal you got! My friend, be well and keep enjoying the beauty of painting and restoring the French patina of our desires! LOVE IT!!!! Anita

DD's Cottage said...

Beautiful Dore! Love reading when you post! Great patina!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...


There is nothing as pleasing as being able to move with whim and ease pieces of beauty throughout our rooms. You create soulful aged beauty and patiently allow the piece to speak to you... I admire that in you.

There is never a rush, only the appreciation and listening to discover what room your furniture recreations will delight your keen eye and reside in.

Your rose paintings are alluring and as in all your art it bestows us with a aged patina as you masterfully dance with your brush and create with heart.


Alicia de los Santos said...

I adored that picture, and obviously that furniture, congratulations!!!

Junkchiccottage said...

Gorgeous Dore. I love the LOVE sign you created it is so beautiful and unique. Have a great week end.

chateau chic said...

Isn't it delightful to fill our homes with pieces that speak to us...pieces that can float from room to room to be enjoyed to their fullest. I know your buffet with the cabinet will be perfect in your kitchen.
And Dore, your paintings are so gorgeous!!
Mary Alice

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dore,
Your beautiful soul is expressed in everything you create.. From giving an old piece new life to your beautiful roses.
Hope you are well.. Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

therelishedroost said...

Oh how I love those French pottery plates!! I also love all your art, keep it coming! Lovely weekend to you!

Joy Junktion said...

Your piece is Absolutely Beautiful and deserves a prominent place to be displayed and to use for displaying!! Love your work! Blessings, Cindy

Rhonda said...

Again I am in awe, love that cabinet and the "Love" sign is beautifully unique!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Love your latest paintings, Dore. Gorgeous. And as always, your home whispers peace and beauty like no other.
Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I just love all your neutrals--so soothing and beautiful. Your posts are always a treat!

Unknown said...

I think that is a great idea to put the board inside. I might try it by adding one to the outside and one to the inside and screwing them together. Your room turned out so pretty and this rolling basket just tops it off so well.

Karena said...

Dearest Dore thank you for your wonderful visit and comments. I love that you moved this piece to the kitchen because it should be seen by many, it is magical in your artistry of finish and the beautiful pieces you are filling it with!

The Arts by Karena

Méa Strauß said...

Dear Doré,
you really are a magician - and blessed, to make a world out of such a "little". But you see the potential, as well in pieces of battered wood, and it turns out like a reflection of you and you being.
Wonderful post :)), hugs to you, thanks for meeting, Méa

Ivy and Elephants said...

Dore, you are right, this piece is too lovely to be put away. It looks gorgeous in your kitchen with the white ironstone pieces. Love your new etsy additions, too. Your creativity always shines through in everything you touch.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So many lovely elements here! And yes, the plates are wonderful! I am so drawn to all the textiles here too. You have such a soulful way with space and your sweet little paintings. You left me such an effusive and lovely comment on my last post! What a wonderful cheerleader you are!!

Rhonda said...

Decor through your eyes is magical. I'm still dreaming of finds like yours. You create such beauty in your life and I am so glad you share with us all.

As always, thank you for stopping by and make I'll making my day.

It's me said...

Owwwww Dore.....love what you did with that cabinet.....so wonderful....lovely weekend....enjoy summer...love from me...Ria...xxx !

Pamela said...

Dore this piece is truly amazing! I have to say every time I stop by I am in awe.

Heaven's Walk said...

Beautiful, dreamy, and just plain amazing, Dore....

xoxo laurie

awal.ny said...

Beautiful Dore. I love the way you paint, such texture. Have a wonderful day. Alaina

must love junk said...

Again, Dore, love that gorgeous piece-a marriage made in heaven! And the items you've lovingly placed inside it are beautiful, too :)

justys said...

love love love!!!
sunny greetings from justys

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

Doré, I received my heartfelt gift from you yesterday, and I love it SO much and am so touched. Be looking for my thank you note in the mail :) You have such a dear heart...
It was a wonderful idea to move your beautiful cabinet to a spot where you can enjoy seeing it more. I do love those amazing plates! Your kitchen corner is such a pretty area and your "Love" sign remains one of my favorites. I am quite determined to make one for myself! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Burlap Luxe said...

You are sooooo welcome Jeanette,
So welcome.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dore
How sweet of you to visit.. So you are ramping up to paint your kitchen cabinets? Boy are you in for a boat load of work.. But I know they are going to be exquisite!! I can only imagine.
You know, it was two summers ago I believe that I painted my kitchen cabinets.. I remember thinking, I wish Dore were here.
I wanted to do a little more than just paint them white, but after all the sanding, filling basecoat and top coat, it was all I could do to finish.. I did however, manage to paint the backsplash and a little mural over the stove.. This is a project that once started there is no going back... So my little mind was saying, oh how I wish I had Dore's talent!
I hope you will share photos... I would love to see...
Enjoy your weekend dear friend.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You are a gem! Sent you an email.

savvycityfarmer said...

I wish there was a "like" button ….. like!!!!
well no, a love button

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello my friend,

Thank you for coming by to visit my blog. I bet you are busy with those kitchen cabinets! That varnished wood is so difficult to prime and it's a messy job, but I just know you will make them look wonderful.

I won't doing the link party next year - it's too hard for people to do it during such a busy summer time, but I really appreciate the bloggers who are in it. I think it will be great, but it will be the last.

Thanks for noticing my studio photo! Bises, Anita

Anonymous said...

Such beauty Dore!! The plates from your friend are pure perfection, they are calling my name (swoon) The buffet is just gorgeous and your new artwork going in to your Etsy is nothing short of fantastic! You are so inspiring my friend =) xoxo ~Ashley

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dore!!! I am very grateful!
Sparrow is doing well, he is now 14 months =) Time sure is flying by and my other 3 children are growing too fast, more than I care for!
I absolutely love the name Finch!!! Such an awesome name....
xoxoxo ~Ashley

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Stopping in for a little revisit to enjoy the beauty you create and rest in your peaceful patina of whites.
Love all your roses and the one with lace is intriguing.

cindy hattersley design said...

Catching up on old posts! That sign is lovely!!

michele said...

ahhhhh the love piece is enchanting, dore! hugs to you across the miles. much stress and weariness in these parts, and we can use all the prayers we can get just now.



michele said...

ahhhhh the love piece is enchanting, dore! hugs to you across the miles. much stress and weariness in these parts, and we can use all the prayers we can get just now.



June said...

There is nothing I love more than visiting your beautiful home Dore! It is pure serenity to me. I think your style is amazing and I am so glad you let us in to enjoy what you have created here in your home.
sending hugs...

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

So pretty and oh, how I love your kitchen corner with that cupboard.

Cindy said...

Your paintings are insanely wonderful! All your pieces are...
I love love the way you married the two cabinets together... it is so perfectly frenchy. No wonder you wanted it to be where it would be seen more. It's fabulous. I love those plates too. The color and imperfect shape makes them even more perfect. You are always such an inspiration to me...


Anne said...

Where do I begin??? That cabinet that you married together is gorgeous! They fit perfectly together as they were meant to be.And you styled it perfectly too! Love your beautiful "Love" art <3 And your rose painting is absolutely dreamy <3 <3

Anne said...

Where do I begin??? That cabinet that you married together is gorgeous! They fit perfectly together as they were meant to be.And you styled it perfectly too! Love your beautiful "Love" art <3 And your rose painting is absolutely dreamy <3 <3

Limitless Reader said...

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