April 27, 2013

Living With Patinée Frenchness

(All Photos Burlap Luxe Home)

Quietly listening to the French language of this room.

There's a French word that describes this room:
doux. It means gentle. Living with French country cottage rustic there can be
enormous charm in a small sleepy cottage awaken with French in pale design.

I stripped off the old paint from a dark French vanilla khaki in colour to then repaint and
distress my iron bed in white with aged grey, giving it a naturally aged rural rustic look.

A French country bed is likely to be metal or wood, plain or embellished.
Unlikely to be dark-stained and polished, rather it would be aged with a wash of age or painted-pale than dark and brooding.

What goes on a French bed is equally important. Real linen-may be new or old; embroidered is a joy to find and usually white and sometimes blue will intrude with a thin stripe or two of blue. Never a field of flowery floral’s adorns a French bed. White linen sheets and quilts are the more commonly used choice in France. A single piece of linen fabric quilted or a patchwork taken from indienne or toile designs.

Mirrors are used everywhere in a French country home reflecting light by adding elegance to rural rustic beauty.

Oak rods washed with a patina of grey slid into a hand forged eyelet bracket with a rustic charm of old, adding linen sheets puddling to the floor to finish the look and feel with understated country French splendor.

I like things distressed and a little patinée kiss to the hardware with Frenchness. 

Taking this French chest of drawers from its polished dark stain to a darker shade of white completed an old French look. French room's are not all about colour, but very much so as to a lack of colour giving this piece a voice placed at the foot of the bed.

A rustic side table

Relaxing in French country comfort tucked in linen,
a bowl of lemon cheesecake ice cream and...

Fifi O'Neill's new French Country Style magazine.
On your magazine stands now. Displayed until July 29 2013

Thank you Fifi for the beauty and grace you have added to a French life style with a très chic refind rustic take on French country style.
I am French charmed with this beautifully styled magazine and so will you.

Baisers françaises à vous Fifi

Inspiring all things French


Bente said...

Oh my, what a fantastic room. LOVE the bed. It became so very beautiful. So is the drawer. Amazing
Have a great day

It's me said...

Amazing !! that is what i see today !!!...enjoy your magazine...( i wish i could buy it here in Holland )....((((.....and your ice cream !!...love from me...Ria...xxx...

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Merci pour votre inspiration française. Il est beau.
A bientôt

martinealison said...

Une chambre dont on retrouve le style dans nos campagnes françaises...
Très belle photos.
Gros bisous

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère amie, tous tes objets ici me parlent...le gris, la crème glacée...TOUT!

Viens me voir; je vais offrir le LINK PARTY cette année et je voudrais que tu participite, si tu peux.

Grosses bises! Anita

Karena said...

Dore your bed and dresser are so beautiful. The finish on the side of the chest of drawers is magical.

PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
Art by Karena

Unknown said...

serenely gorgeous..sigh...french serenity at its' best! merci"...you have , once again inspired me to make some changes to my own "chambre." i have a dark iron bed that needs to be transformed...now i know where to begin....

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dore,
To visit the work of your magic and inspired hands is always such a treat for me.. Your talent is endless.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creations.. The room is exquisite!

summersoul said...

You capture French style very well. I love the bed with the simple and stunning white linens. I hope you enjoy your day Dore.

Rita said...

Dear Dore,
every piece in your room speaks of France to me. Your iron bed is simply amazing softly whispering words of peace and serenity.
thank you for inspiring

Anonymous said...

Dearest Dore, Can I possibly nap in this lovely, inviting French bed??! Such a lovely space where dreams come about!! Have a lovely Sunday Dore, Xo, Ashley

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oooo!!!!!!!! MERCI, MERCI!

I am going to put your name and link on my list and this is going to be fun. I am thrilled that you put the button and link on your sidebar and it looks GREAT cropped!

You can go to Paris OR ANYWHERE else in France to highlight your love, your heritage and hommage to this beautiful country, my second heritage by choice. LOVE TO YOU! Anita

Anne said...

LOVE your gorgeous bed!LOVE your beautiful linens!LOVE that amazing beautiful dresser! LOVE your style! Always a treat to visit and see your beautiful home and style! You always inspire me!
I know where I am going tomorrow! Off to buy Fifi's latest and new magazine issue!

Suz said...

The iron bed is marvelous! I love how the iron detail work looks like a heart.

Vintage Home said...

Stunning room, delightfully restful. Soothing beauty!
I love the authenticity of you finishes. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of all things French Country. Can't wait to get my hands on FiFi's latest!

chateau chic said...

Your inspiring photos of all things French are so dreamy and elegant in their simplicity of white and gray tones. Always a delight to visit you, Dore!
Mary Alice

Faded Charm said...

Oh, what a perfect French inspired room....love everything, especially that bed!


Kate said...

What elegance and beauty you always create my friend. So lovely so serene and leaves my mind lingering in a state of peace. Wishing you love and joy my friend, have a blessed week


LaSillaChic said...

Lovely room and your inspirational things are really beautiful, Julia

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love that bed and the dresser--and the word gentle is so perfect for it. Lovely post!

trishie said...

So gorgeous! I love the rustic bed.

Pedro Diaz said...

What a beautiful room, I love the bed and the comfortable, well I like everything.



Shabby soul said...

Beautiful! Adore that iron bed!

lynn cockrell said...

What a beautiful room. Thanks for sharing this lovely room, linens and furnishings with us, Dore!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Ah Dore you have done it again ~ you have added to my inspiration for my master makeover in the fall. This beautiful haven you have created is just so warm, inviting, cozy and well so you! And, I love the way you treat yourself with that yummy ice cream!
Happy Monday!

trishie said...

Hi there, I wanted to say thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I have a gut feeling that I'm having a boy...so we'll see. As for names, we're looking through Stu's old family bible to see if we can find something in there that we like. It will be nice to have a traditional name that has been around the family, I think.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

Oh my goodness the iron bed is so beautiful! and the dresser ... distressed French grey! Perfect!
best wishes

Maria Vicente said...

Lindo, adoro.

Cindy said...

Sigh... just gorgeous. I feel like i just listened to poetry hearing you talk about the way the French style a bedroom with simple elegant linens and soft gray whites, and sheets puddled on the floor. Your amazing handiwork is everywhere in this beautiful room....And thanks for the reminder about the magazine, i will have to pick one up soon!


Unknown said...

Beautiful post, Dore. The finish on your bed and other French pieces is simply perfection. I look forward to picking up a copy of Fifi's magazine.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Dore,
Love all the subtle french touches that quietly welcome and embrace you.
Your home is a haven. Love it.
Thanks for the tip on the magazine, I can't wait to get a copy.
Big hugs,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening my dear. Just thought I would come to see how you were. Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my dear. So glad to hear from you. I am no longer making paper art, even for myself. It takes up too much of my time, and I am now spending more time doing what I love even more: reading and writing. I am also preparing for job interviews to get back into teaching. This year off from working full-time helped me focus on what is most important to me, and it is NOT art, though I do enjoy it. But financial responsibilities require that I find a stable job. But the good news for me is that I love writing and will be taking courses towards improving my writing skills.I have hopes that I will get to a point someday when I can actually have decent material to submit.

Merci d'être venue! Anita

helen tilston said...

Hello Dore

The bed is exquisite and different. I also love the airy feel of the drapes.

Wishing you a week of sunshine


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Dore,
Oh, your bed looks heavenly!! I absolutely love your beautiful and serene style!!
I hope your doing well and have a lovely week.

Pura Vida said...

The white shirt hanging on the bed post is so feminine and romantic

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère Doré! Tu es venue voir mon billet! Alors, on est prêt pour la semaine prochaine? SUPER!

Do you want me to put your name in for a chance at the book? It is fabulous, it is US!

Let me know. Anita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Happy Mother's day dear Dore.
I hope your day was full of love and joy.

Leslie said...

Oh no! I missed this one too!

GORGEOUS sums this up perfectly. The word GENTLE french .. patina.. the distressed dresser. This feel is so simple yet I realize it's not easy to create. I believe this simple/clutter-free, gentle decor allows us to rest and think more clearly (a side benefit to all the aesthetic beauty)

Thanks for sharing! xxleslie

Julie said...

I came from Anita's blog tour. I am in love with your blog, so very French.
Every photos in your blog is just gorgeous.

Great inspiration.!!!

Thank you for sharing.
Julie x

Unknown said...

I love the bedroom....makes me want to redo my whole house...I'm a new follower, maybe some of your style will rub off on me. Thanks so much.

LaSillaChic said...

Simple and lovely as usual. From BsAs, Arg, Julia C.