September 13, 2010

She...Painted Poetry

"click photo's to enlarge"
Hand painted poetry by "Me" Dore' Callaway. The art of a rooms poetry is in a relaxed peaceful place, setting poetry in motion.

These old vintage European serving trays were filled with just the right amount of poetry. When I spotted the four of them hanging on there serving tray stand in a favorite antique mall, I was taken back with art excitement. I knew I had to have them, and I knew they had to go home with me. This was a treasured find I could embrace, taking the legs off then setting off to paint a peaceful piece of art with added poetry.

Looking for new inspiration alway's involves a euro chic flea market brocante find. Perhaps a perfect find at one of my local thrift-stores, or a old cast off from a dear friend who is just not inspired by it. I am always thankful being gifted such treasures that I will find some sort of poetry in it.

With an original aged brass handle to hang from a decorative hook on a wall of choice. Soulfully washed muted palette of whites, grays, and perfectly imperfect distressed burlap creams to gold flex's that only paint techniques and aging can give it. I don't alway's feel you need to use dramatic color's to define your space, I just love creating with piece's that don't compete with other elements to much.

This future heirloom piece will be added to my peaceful "etsy"


joanna said...

Sweet is the brush that painted peace and serenity.
I would have a hard time parting with it, but who ever, does acquire, I hope they use it well,for the real enjoyment of beautiful things is in appreciating and using them.


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

You are so talented and you always inspire me. The tray is beautiful!
xo, Sherry

Tina said...

Dore, this tray is stunning! I love the soft muted colours and that little bird is the sweetest! As someone who cannot paint, I am very much in awe of your talents. Such a beautiful piece as always. Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week Dore. Hugs ~ Tina xx

Angela said...

It is so beautiful!!

Seawashed said...

It is so beautiful Dore. One of my favorite quotes "painting is silent poetry."~author unknown I just adore the word poetry...and the romance of it.

Tara said...

Absolutely gorgeous..xx

Alexandra said...

Dore your bird paintings are so fantastic! I love it! Have a nice day. l.G. Alexandra

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle....ta décoration est parfaite la couleur gris m'inspire aussi....tu es la maîtresse de décor en blanc et gris et or! BRAVO et je te souhaite un bon mardi mon amie! BISOUS, Anita

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Dore,
it's beautiful - you're just so talented!
Love your new art work.
Have a wonderful week

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Simply wonderful!!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

That is one dreamy tray! Love the colors!!

Have a great day!


Polly said...

love it!

Anji Johnston said...

Visual poetry my friend. A beautiful post from a beautiful soul - thank you

deborah said...

love this. your pieces are peaceful and lovely. how sweet that is. :)

Unknown said...

...simply divine!!
xo, Rosemary

Cindy said...

That is so beautiful, now. I love it, you are so talented. Hugs, Cindy

WhiteWhispers2u said...

G'day My Friend~Thanks for the prayers and sweet thoughts towards our Beach House.It is only 1/3 our's but it's in the family and will be for a very long time if we get it.If it's ment to be it will be............................I got a lil something in the mail the other day! How darling and special to my heart.I will email you.You of course would be welcome anytime.~Chow Kim

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Me again, I forgot to comment on your beautiful art work and of course it's always fabulous! I just can't ever decide what to buy then it's gone.You are such a dear soul, you don't find that very often.~Chow Kim

Faded Plains said...

Your painting is stunning.

Anonymous said...

More beauty brought into this World by you, dahling! Poetry is the perfect word to paint on such a charming tray. And the poetry of what you do inspires us all to create our own poetry.

Happy day to you, Dore'!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dore... you've outdone yourself this time! This is truly, truly beautiful!! The tray definitely need to come home with you to find a new beautiful life. It's such a fabulously large piece... it has so many wonderful options for the home. I wish I could afford this one (worth every penny), but I had to go with the antique French platter instead (in my price range). I just ordered it! It will be perfect for the holidays!
Have a wonderful week, my friend!
Hugs ~ Jo

Alicja said...

So wonderful to find such a lovely blog!!!! I have to add it to my list!
I'm happy:)))
And sending you a lot of warm hugs from Warsaw, Poland

Burlap Luxe said...

Comme il est beau ton cœur français est Anita. Les mots de la poésie que vous écrivez dans votre commentaire me sont précieux.
Concevez votre vie avec la poésie

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Dore- you are so talented! I LOVE the trays! My goodness! So beautiful!

Rosemary said...

I love this Dore!
Beautiful painting!!
Love to visit your blog.

re:Inspire said...

What a find! Those were meant to be have loved them well with your artwork! Glad to hear these are going in your Etsy Shoppe! I would have trouble giving up such beautiful treasures! Thanks again for all of your kind comments about my home!

Donna said...

Beautiful...simply and peacefully beautiful!

Amy Kinser said...

So beautiful!

Laura said...

so, so beautiful, I love every piece of artwork in your beautiful shop;;; Thankyou so much for my extra special gift, I totally love it, I am so grateful, I just adore both pieces! I did post about them and added a link, everyone loves and comments on them. An artist i think has a gift of giving special moments from their own lives and through their own eyes to others ..
I am very grateful,
Thankyou gorgeous Dore,
your art is in my heart forever!
Laura currie xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère Doré,

Quand tu me rends un visite, je suis si ravie de joie. Merci bien pour tous tes commentaires, je suis si flattée! Toi, tu es une perle, et je sais que les autre bloggeusses le pense aussi. Bonne journée mon amie. Anita

Hélène Flont , french illustrator said...

Oh Doré!!! c'est superbe. Vraiment j'adore. C'est si gracieux. ✿ Hélène Flont

Anonymous said...

You have a gift for painting peaceful. :)

Tamra said...

Dore, your work is beautiful!! What a gorgeous piece.

Romeo said...

Ma Dore la plus chère,

Merci bien de passer pour nous laisser pour savoir que vous faites bien! La création poety est quelque chose que vous semblez faire naturellement. Chaque mot que vous écrivez, chaque oiseau que vous peignez et chaque poste sur votre blog que tous chantent comme poety le meilleur et doux. Cette création n'est aucune exception - simplement beau! Je suis un chat très fortuné pour être en mesure d'apprécier votre compagnie et tout votre poety, dans toutes les formes!

J'ai aussi voulu vous demander comment youj a aimé mon nouveau banc. Je le montre sur la 'bataille du poste de testaments. Je l'apprécie tout à fait gentiment, mais dois encore la persuader de me servir le lait chaud là après mes petits sommes. Je devrais lui dire que Dore .... qui la recevrait motivé vous ne pensez pas ?!

Beaucoup de ronronnements!


Laura Venosa Verbena said...

You are poetry! A beautiful Poem. Love you Laura

Heaven's Walk said...

Stunning....just stunning, Dore! You are certainly blessed with a beautiful gift, girl! :) I love the palette you always choose....

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

I don't think anyone could ever compete with you element and level of talent. Those trays just had the best day and I'm so happy for them! XO, Kelly

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Chère Doré (Oh j'adore ton nom! ) Merci pour tes mots de gentillesse; il faut faire de son mieux d'être gentil chaque jour. Nos enfants doivent le voir. Et merci pour tes commentaires au sujet de la photo sur mon blog! Ah, les chambres mystèrieuses d'un chateau m'enchantent tellement!


Nancy's Notes said...

Absolutely awesome! You are one great artist and so very talented, you work is truly amazing.

Enjoy your day~

Unknown said...

How beautiful. I love the way you refinish you vintage finds and turn them into something truly lovely. I had to refinish my kitchen table top but I am not sure I really like it. I may have to ask my neighbor for her sander and just take it back to the wood finish.

Robyn said...


I'm having a give away, so if you have a moment, I'd love for you to pop on by and check it out!

starrynightimpressions said...

I found your blog in the current Romantic homes mag, your bird and color motiff caught my eye as well as your blog name, soooo wonderful.
I am now a follower :)
I'll go fav your etsy shop too, so I can peruse your beautiful creations at my leisure.
french blessings,
PS. congrats on being featured in Romantic Homes!

Donna Reyne' said...

Absolutely beautiful Doré!
You painting style is quite magical!
Have a wonderful weekend

revesdargile.canalblog said...

Grâce à Hélène FLONT je découvre votre blog, c'est une merveille !!
je reviendrais

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Dore, Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Congratulations to you too for being featured in "Romantic Homes"! Isn't it exciting? I can't get the magazine here in Germany and I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive from the US.
I love your blog and your artwork and I'm looking forward to visiting often :-)!
Hugs to you,


So beautiful your painting! This is art in perfection... and just the right colours. seren and calm - just heavenly! Salut! Mira....

Christmas-etc... said...

Absolutely lovely. The tray doesn't have to write 'Poetry' on it though! The tray itself is poetic!
By the by I think you would love wandering through the flea market in the Old Town of Athens on a Sunday morning... amazing treasures to be discovered there... and so old!(Have you ever been?)

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Dore,
I was beyond excitement to see you had the tray in your shop...but too late.. It is truly beautiful and I would have loved to have had it but am sure whoever got it is just as excited.
thank you very much for your very kind words on my blog, I feel very blessed and appreciate the recognition. xoxo Colette
ps..if you are not kidding....brunch could be arranged!~Afrique du Sud

Maria said...

absolutely beautiful. Your blog is wonderful¡ and
You are one great artist.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh this is so beautiful AND I just saw that you're featured in the magazine--woo hoo!!! That is beyond exciting!!!
Love and hugs,

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

AY YAY YAAY MY FRIEND! I can't tell you how much I LOVE this!!!!! It's SO stunning.

Thank you for stopping by today=0) And such sweet comments! You really make me smile....gracias.

Have a lovely week,

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hello, dear Dore! I came by right after you posted this and tried to leave a comment and it didn't go thru, Just wanted you to know I didn't miss this wonderful post of your beautiful tray. I'm so enjoying my sanctuary piece, it is soooo wonderful.
love you,

Marlene said...

I missed this beautiful post!!! and the tray just FLEW out!!! but of course it was heavenly..some lucky girl will be gracing her home with that beauty!!! thank you for stopping by and the ideas on my Driftwood Mirror...I never thought of a frame with art...hummmmm I loved your ideas! You must be sooo busy ..after your magazine article.. I too am enjoying my wonderful Seaside Cottage always makes me smile!! xoxo Marlene

Privet and Holly said...

Soooo Dore!
So lovely.
So YOU : )
Happy Monday!
xx Suzanne

Christmas-etc... said...

Hello, Dore!
Thanks so much for following me at my history blog and your wonderful comments. They mean so much to me!
Hummm, do I think the next tray should have a word painted on it? Oh my...I'm sure you are a million times better at knowing the answer to that then I am. But truthfully, your designs are so beautiful and graceful I really do think they could easily stand alone. Words are magnificent, but to have the ability to paint the meaning without the spelled out word - that is something extra special (Kind of like writers of holy icons - as you probably know, icons aren't considered painted but rather written). You have such a talent and love and it comes through in all your work!
Hope this helps :)

Terrell said...

These are just truly amazing!! I love how you use the most creative things for canvases! Way to go girly...they are just beatiful!
Happy hugs to you!
~Terrell @ FrouFrou Decor~

Valley Art Project said...

Just lovely! I am going to become a follower.

Unknown said...

You are truly an inspiration....amazing work!

Jenni said...

So pretty! I love the sweet little bird! And I love that you use unique things like this tray when you paint! :)

Also, I saw on the previous post that you are to be featured on Romantic Homes next month! I am SO happy for you! Congratulations on this~ you deserve it for sure! :)

I hope you are having a great week!


P.S. Oh, and we are having a giveaway at Beautiful Nest, if you want to check it out! It is just two posts down from the top! :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love the color you picked for the trays. They are beautiful as everyone else has said.


Unknown said...

The trays are beautiful. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I love whites and grays. You truly have a gift. Thank you for making today's blog hop beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dore,
I just read that you were featured in Romantic Homes and I am so not surprised! Your art is so amazingly beautiful! I will definitely have to pick up this issue. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it was such a pleasure to hear from you after I had been away so long. I hope your well, which I see you must be, and enjoy all of your much deserved success!!

Simple Home said...

So beautiful Dore. We were out of town for a week and I'm still getting around to comment. I did a little post on Aubrey of White Market today. I hope everyone stops by to encourage her :-)
I think you know her and her family.

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...


I love the trays and yes, they speak "peaceful".

I'm visiting for White Wednesday. I'd love for you to pop in for a quick visit. :0)

Oh, and congrats on your be published. ♥

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

La Dolfina said...

Oh Dore,
I'm back and finding a new normal and everything is good. I just wanted to thank you so very much for all of your amazing comments. I could feel your love and will always treasure your friendship. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to communicate while I was down south. Christopher's facebook is Chris A. Long Jr.
I hope he and Hannah will find each other!
I promise you that on my next visit we will most definitely meet up. You are the one treasure that I won't be leaving without!!
Is it possible that you and Hannah are thinking of coming to the Bay? I have a new guest room and I'd love for the two of you to be my first guests!!
Love you so much!!!

Aubrey said...

Dore you are truly a talented artist. Your gift to paint is inspiring. From old wood panels, to tea trays your ability to create a tattered piece into a treasure is priceless. One day when I have a little one I can just imagine their room filled with sweet birdies like the ones you paint.
Love to you and Hannah,

Tricia said...

That is so pretty. You did a wonderful job. I love how the colors are so muted and simple.

Best wishes :)

Home Hinges said...

Such a beautiful piece of art. The painting and the word poetry match so well.
April @

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with your painted tray. So elegant and simple. Love the softness of it. You will have me looking for a similar tray to try my hand at painting this lovliness myself.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault Vintage Art & Design

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