February 17, 2010

Delightful Displays

These little simple antique bottles were found at one of our local thrift shops by my daughter Hannah, who also loves the art of designs and creating. Sometimes I just may not be in the mood to rummage, this is when the best deals are found and not by me but my daughter age 16 and well on her way to being an artist of her own kind. At the bottom of this medium sized box filled with old bottles was a buried treasure of old mini bottles, all 16 of them in mint condition. This will be our next great aging and antiquing project, can you not see the wonderful embellishments to these sweet vintage bottles.

Today we are throwing out the TO DO LIST and making it a day of creating, I hope one will stay in our home and knowing my daughter she will pick out her favorite one and then say...I am keeping this one for my room...PLEASE!! Then the rest will go to the shop, I hope you are creating as well.

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