November 29, 2017

French Holiday Home...Oysters And Tree

Burlap Luxe Home
Season greets with a simple greeting of the use of a
natural pine, beaded garlands and silver glass crusty and 
aged to feel decayed in ancient times.

Natural tones of tree bark beige and
tarnished grey.
Wrapped up and tied in twine.

 Oyster Garland
30 foot garland for your holiday tree, or drape it in
French culinary style from your farmhouse beams, 
as well as styling for a beach style wedding.

You will find this latest creation of mine, hand-
knit and weaved through a hand drilled hole
in each oyster shell.
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe

Salvage Tin
A salvage piece of tin written message is  from
vintage book ephemera
Holiday message of gathering and peace.

Washed From The French Sea
French Culinary
Should I make oysters, yes, and some for the 

Here Listed In My BURLAP LUXE Shop
click link below...

All things French culinary, French from the sea.
Holiday garland,
Un Joyeux Noel


Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré I adore your Nordic French inspired Christmas mon amie. I also have taken a less is more in beauty and peacefulness approach in our home this year. Our Winters are long and often harsh so I try to layer in comfort and East Coast warmth. Your bare branch Christmas tree is gorgeous,

michele said...

Such an inspiring mix of French inspired treasures from the sea, from your hands, from your imagination. Isn't it magical when they come together (a common thread of creativity running through all the splendor) and result in something far more lovely than each individual part? I love how effortless the styling appears Dore, and the imperfection which makes your pieces so approachable and easy to enjoy. I'll be sharing this latest garland creation and a link to your shop on Hello Lovely...bravo! xox

Méa Strauß said...

My dear Doré, you are a fountain of ideas - and these oysters are "so you". Without that chichi-like stuff, real style and taste, mother nature born treasures.
I like this calm atmosphere you create, then these sheeps you make to add childhood dreams, now with a sense of seaweed... What a combination :)
I am looking foreward, what else will flow out of your magical hands :)
I wish you stardust along the way, huggies from Méa

It's me said...

Wonderful...all !!!.....The most wonderful time...of the year ❤️X ....happy weekend love Ria ❤️

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dore,
I think what I love most about your art is your imagination. You breath life into everything you touch, even a tiny oyster.
Blessings to you and dear Hannah, this holiday season.

Little Farmstead said...

Dore ~ I love your color palette and the home you have beautifully created! Xo, ~julie

blooming home and garden said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations!

Best regards, Ida

Bente said...

So beautiful, Dore. I love everything here.
Wish you a beautiful new week

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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william said...

thanks for sharing this i like your artworks. its so beautiful i love all of them

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