October 30, 2016

French Rural Holiday Home

 Hand Thrown Pottery

Pottery and assorted pieces mix in a vintage open cupboard
in reach for daily use.
Giving it the feel of living in rural France.

Grapevine Wreath

A simple grapevine wreath wrapped from a clipping from a 
side yard vineyard.
Grapes a favorite picking the French serve as a 
dinning dessert with holiday meals.

 Vintage French Matelasse

I designed a stocking pattern after the look of an old world stocking, 
hanging and ready for treasured gifting.
Pattern and sewing by Dore (Me) for heirloom quality.

29" length x 5" cuff opening
zinc ring hanger, and a tattered linen tie.
In my BurlapLuxe etsy shop 
 French Home
 French Chocolat Hounds-Tooth Checked Stockings.

I can see these hanging filled with treats.
A box of dark chocolats, La Maison du Chocolat Twigs.
Chocolat flavored rich coffee beans bagged,

29" length x 5" cuff opening 
vintage canvas
zinc ring hanger with tattered linen tie.
Chocolat tone and white.

 BurlapLuxe etsy shop

Hand- sewn by pattern designer
Dore Callaway
Burlap Luxe  
Vintage French Home
 Holiday Signs 
Dore Callaway
French Countryside- between Paris and the Lorraine,
one of the great historic Provinces of France,
Champagne is home to the famous sparkling
wines in the world.

My latest hand-painted signs tabletop, buffet top, or tucked away
layered on a holiday table propped against a champagne bucket
 announcing the holiday festivities with clear bubbles,
As well as a bit of French added to your rustic rural
chateau cottage.

Painted and designed on vintage French crate slats.
Dore Callaway

Wants you to be inspired to the very edges of your soul...
"Living in an artful way."
~ Dore


Ein Dekoherzal in den Bergen said...

wie schön das ausschaut
da würde ich mich auch wohl fühlen,,,

wünsche noch einen schönen TAG bis bald die BIRGIT

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré I look forward to seeing your holiday décor you deck your walls with this year. Loved the veiled velvet vintage hat you used last year as a wreath. Your imagination stretches usage to grace your home with reinvisioned unique. Check, check and check on your delightful Christmas offerings this year... I love your stockings and actually display them first once the winter season begins. If only people could hold in their hands your pieces they would understand why your designs are destined to be heirlooms. Can't wait until I display my Champagne sign in my wine corner. We love cupping the pottery bowls in the palm of our hand and knowing they are made with love.

It's me said...

Lovely sunday doré .....love your beautiful service...i also love it i have toooo many.....hahahaha...i started clean it all....one cabinet ready.....5 to go.....i my......not at one day i promise...it take weeks i am affraid...love from me Ria x ❤️ when all is ready i promise i make a blogpost ❤️❤️❤️

diane said...

I just love the way you decorate with simplicity yet it speaks volumes!
So very very lovely.
Have a wonderful day.......diane @ thoughts&shots

Bente said...

Love your stockings, Dore. So beautiful pictures.
Hugs from here

JoanMarie said...

Simply beautiful creations made by a beautiful soul. Such fun to see all you do and such an inspiration both creatively and thoughtfully. You are a treasure my dear!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dore,
I love your beautiful Christmas offerings.. Your touch is so gentle. Everything warms the heart.
blessings dear friend

Lisa said...

I always love to see what new things you have in store for the holidays. Your stockings are a favorite of mine and I love the ones I bought last year! As Vera said, they are destined to be heirlooms and will last forever! They are classic and timeless. I love these new signs and hope to purchase one soon. I love how all the things you create go so well in my home and makes it feel so French countryside. We use those bowls all the time and they feel so special when holding them. Oh, and I love that grapevine wreath! :)


Méa Strauß said...

Holiday mood in your French setting... hmmm, they are coming, these days, and for me your pottery is THE accessoire for laying the christmas table.
And there it is, the perfect scenery as you really are living it - the artful way as if you had kept a very very magical christmasstocking as a horn of plenty for all your ideas :)
My dear Doré, have great times with the grey Lord, as I call the November, happy huggies, your friend Méa

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

It's all so simple and elegant, Dore. Utter perfection.
I am beginning to have the urge to pull out my fabrics and create some new stockings this year.
If only the weather would cool off and it would feel like Christmas was approaching and not the 4th of July! LOL
Have a wonderful week! xo, T.

Rhonda said...

Dearest, your lovely images are tugging at my French lovin' heart. Your country French style is divine.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

All just so beautiful, Dore! Such a lovely style so well displayed and a pleasure to look at.

It's me said...

Hello Dore ...i think you are confused...i have no instagram sorry....only fb and pinterest ....have a lovely week Darling live from meRia x

krishna said...

So beautiful and different.. I love your home...

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Banu said...
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Banu said...

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