January 26, 2016

Influenced By...White, Black, and Grey..The New Country.

Burlap Luxe Home 
A little Burlap Luxe Sewing
Ticking and Tattered Ties,
black and soft white mattress ticking dresses our home.
Designing on the edge of lite and dark, bringing in
a little more black with our white.


I love the mix of textiles like our French 
matelasse slip covered sofa with canvas and linen...
even velvet and gain sack find their way into our
home offset by white floors and white walls.


If you have not discovered "Country Living Modern Rustic"
The new country.
A magazine paper back that reads like a book?
I highly recommend it to all of you that find Jeanne d Arc magazine inspiring.

This magazine/book is found at your local book sellers and I
can't say enough about how inspiring this magazine book reads.
European influenced, flea market styled, soulfully enriched, 
I can't wait for each new issue to come out, and
well worth the $20.00 price tag and I am sure
you will agree.

Where and artist designs and creates...
In hues of white, grey, and black.


Yes we are often told we dress like our home!
A wool jacket suited for grey chilled days,
often worn with torn tattered jeans and a
manly white v-neck and a grey scarf.

It's the designer in me, I can't help it!


Out of the ruins...
soft shades and salvage feed the soul of our
home living.


Rustic in nature, elegant beyond the simple, 
and the pale.


Feathers from natures natural gatherings.

Gifted rocks that look like wild bird eggs.
Yes, they are apart of our home,
reminding us to see more then a rock.


Pia Bleu,
our Italian greyhound
is now 2 years old
We breathe in her love.  


Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

So lovely and serene! Your coat is beautiful, too. An inspiring post. A happy week to you. xx Karen

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Oh I am so in love with your jacket, seriously in love. The Black and White ticking pillows I adore with the tattered ties you made. I have B&W ticking pillows but I made them as covers with a 2 inch flange. I'm loving yours ... I have purchased Modern Rustic and I agree it is a beautifully inspirational magazine that has helf and beauty throughout that you lust over page by page. Sweet Pia Bleu all grown up and such a beautiful IG. Delightful post.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Dear Doré, I love your coat. It's so chic. This year my "coats" are a gray wool cape with faux fur and a velvet cheetah print jacket. I like the few coat wearing months we get, because I like to be able to throw something over what I am wearing and not think. I sometimes purchase that magazine, and I have that issue. I think it is printed in the U.K. and the homes are down to earth, demonstrating that one can create a beautiful space even if it humble. I love the pillow and charcoal with the naturals, whites, and grays. It is such a serene look, and you do it so well. xoxo Su

michele said...

love your jacket, dore, and the magazine looks perfect. ticking! yes! but the piece de resistance...pia bleu dreaming. i could kiss that little snout. peace to you as you tweak your interiors and creatively share inspiration around the globe.

Botanic Bleu said...

There are so many things to love in your home, but the three little rocks on the white plate captured me. Your French matelasse slip covered sofa is beautiful. I love texture and white. As always, visiting you inspires me.


martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

J'aime beaucoup l'atmosphère de votre intérieur. Douceur, sérénité et la dernière photo en apporte encore plus la preuve !

Gros bisous ♡

Rhonda said...

Your coat is beautiful Dore! Again I love your wonderful pictures, it does evoke solitude, peace, and definitely love! I adore Pia Bleu, she is precious, thanks for posting a new picture of her.

Burlap Luxe said...

Martine Alison,
Merci mon cher ami pour une telle belle compliment, et en prenant la visite de temps .
Je adore voir vos visites , alors je reviens pour voir tout ce que vous inspirez.
visiter bientôt.


Méa Strauß said...

Oh, I want more pictures of your doggiiiiieee, soooo sweet! And so noble as well. Only animals are sweet AND noble at the same time, humans would never ;))
Your look ist new FRENCH country ;)) So pure. And maybe you know it already, but.. maybe not: A life less ordinary, from Zoe Ellison, this matches exactly the feeling, you create, you would love it.
So, your world is a beatiful sanctuary, mine ist quite wuzzely right now, as so many things happen here... I wished, it would be a lot calmer.
Have wonderful days, my dear creative Doré, your friend Méa

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Beautiful peaceful shots. I love the shot of your sleeping fur baby.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful post Dore, I just love your home and your style. I haven't treated myself to a new magazine in too long! I see a trip to the bookstore in my near future. And your sweet little puppy is the same age as our Paisley - she turned 2 in December. xo Sally

Unknown said...

I too love your style. I have an affinity for the grays also, recently buying a Scandinavian style gray/black/white with splashes of lime bedspread for when I get my double bed (old iron I am trying to revive). I love the mattress ticking too! I just want to come spend a few days there :).

I have such a conundrum, torn between white/gray palette and lots of color! I make myself crazy!

Unknown said...

I forgot to add that Paisley is living art :)

Victoria said...

What a beautiful coat! I'm sure it looks amazing on you:) Your doggie is so beautiful...we want a dog sooooo badly but are waiting until we're out of an apartment and into a place of our own.

I love your pillow, you're so multi-talented!

JoanMarie said...

So many beautiful images and ideas to explore. Your use of ticking is awesome - I love all colors and the black is very inviting! I will be sure to look for the magazine as I love to browse those and finding a new one is great! Pia is simply beautiful and you can easily see how much love is radiated. Best wishes to you my friend!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

I ADORE your photo of sweet Pia Bleu. And love the ticking pillow!

I have quite a bit of black in our tiny cottage ~ the woodstove and my pots & pans started the trend. :)

Have a lovely one, dearest Doré!

Robin Johnson said...

I too have been drawn to black and white of late. Currently trying to add the look to my living room and just finished decorating my hutch with the combo. Seems perfect for this time of the year doesn't it.

DD's Cottage said...

Swooning over your back and white ticking pillow! I love the frayed edges of the ties and all the mixing of textiles you use. Your puppy is a cutie too!

Leslie Harris said...

Love your jacket--the entire outfit sounds perfect. I love the white-black-and gray combo. It's so classic. Your fur baby looks as spoiled as mine. So sweet.

Room Seventeen said...

Dear Dore, what a beautiful post. I love your style!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Your combinations are just delicious! I am loving the black and especially the ticking. Gorgeous photos! So artful.

chateau chic said...

Your posts are always so artful and inspirational, requiring further study so as not to miss a single detail!
Black and white...so elegant together! I have jacket envy...you'd find me wearing that almost daily. It just fits every occasion. Always a treat to visit your French home, Dore!
Mary Alice

It's me said...

Love That magazine ...i als buy it here in Holland....love it.....have a Nice day Dore .....and owww your sweet dog......love love love Ria..x ❤️❤️❤️

Little Farmstead said...

Love your black and white ticking pillows! Such a sweet picture of your pup. I haven't seen the magazine yet but it looks so inspiring. Perhaps I'll pick it up for some airplane reading... Thanks for the tip! Enjoy your day, Dore! ~julie

Bente said...

Oh my, your home is just a dream, Dore. The colors are amazing. The black and white pillow is beautiful.
I can`t believe that I missed your post under here. I never use to miss any of your posts. Have a great day.
Hugs from here

June said...

Oh Dore, this is where I come to be inspired, uplifted and wow-ed! I could move right in and be happy forever in the haven you have created my dearest.
This post and the one previous is nothing short of amazing!!!
Thank you for your beautiful style!
sending hugs...

Alie said...

Beautifull pictures, like the greys!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Dore, I seriously don't know where to start. Well, here goes. . .I adore ticking, and I love how you've introduced it into your living space in black and white. A subtle difference like this can make such a big impact on a room.
And, of course I have great affection for mixing textiles. The mattress ticking with the French matelasse is heavenly. The bird cages are beyond charming. Elements from nature. . .oh, those rocks that look like wild bird eggs are amazing. Love, love, love them. Everything you put your hand to is beautiful. Everything. And I am crazy in love with your jacket. I picture you in it and I know you are stunning. So much inspiration in this post. . . I'm ready to weave in gray, black and white. Hugs to you, dear friend. ~ Nancy

Pura Vida said...

Hello dear. Love all the textures. I love my crown from your etsy shop

handmade by amalia said...

I love your trio of bird houses, so so beautiful.

BoothCrush said...

What a gorgeous blog you have. Thanks for the follow on Booth Crush. Following back. :-)

Art and Sand said...

I am going to check out the magazine right away. I haven't heard of it.

And, I love your pillows with the tattered ties. I need to make a few in that style.

Thanks for the comment on my latest post. We just got rain in the morning and early afternoon in Ventura, but boy is the wind crazy. It's been howling all day long and is still so loud. I might get a lot done tomorrow morning because it won't be beach walking weather in the morning.

Stay dry!

BECKY said...

There is just so much inspiration found here, Dore! Sigh...
I love the patinas and finishes, and your wonderful gift for styling!
Like a soft breeze, just so lovely!

Love that wool coat of yours and the wonderful oyster shell garland. I think oyster shells are sooo pretty! I have a vintage jar full of them on my bathroom vanity!

Have a delightful week, and thank you for sharing!

lynn cockrell said...

A beautiful post, Dore. That coat is so chic! Love your little black and white pillow too.

Christel said...

Dear Dore, Pia is just beautiful! I had to giggle a bit at the long wool coat. I love it, and my children would surely cringe..lol I have a tapestry jacket, of course with my favorites, olive, sage, gold, and cream, my husband shudders at the thought of me wearing it..well, because it reminds him of my mother! Not that he dislikes my mother, he just thinks of me as so much younger. Anyway, I too wear my coat with a manly v neck whit T , and sage scarf, always with jeans! Love that you pair yours the same! The mattress ticking is another of my loves! I have a denim blue and gray striped pillow made from ticking, it's my very fave! xoxoxo Christel

Anonymous said...

that picture was so fascinating

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At Rivercrest Cottage said...

lovely pictures of a lovely home. The black and white ticking makes it come alive.

Unknown said...

Your home is gorgeous! I'm in love with black and white. Would you share where you got your French matelasse slip cover? And your Pia Bleu is adorable.

Anonymous said...

so brilliant im looking for more pictures of yours

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Weisser Traum said...

Liebe Dore was für ein wunderschöner Post . Love . dein Hund ist ja auch so süss .
Danke für deine lieben Worte die mich sehr berührt haben .
Wünsch dir einen sonnigen Tag .
Herzlichst Daniela

HWIT BLOGG said...

Love those colours...so lovely. Always so nice visiting you and your blog! Have a great weekend, take care...

La Petite Gallery said...

Dore, Your dog is soooo elegant.That white linen slip cover is wonderful.
Guess what I am French and Irish, where are the Irish side from in Ireland.
We are Sligo and Donagal west coast.

Debbie said...

Your decorating style is always so inspiring to me, Dore'.
I love the addition of the ticking to your palette.
It's a pleasure to visit your beautiful home!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello Darling ! I can't believe Pia is two already Yikes !!! Always lovely over here and I love the Jacket :)

My Best to You Always xoxo

Cindy said...

I can so see you rockin that coat Dore. I haven't been blog reading in so long... you're the first i want to catch up with...


Unknown said...

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cadenjacoby said...

Wow, I am also very impressed with this color scheme. Thanks for sharing the pictures here. Now I am also thinking to use these interior ideas for my new home that I just bought in Dove mountain real estate. Keep sharing more inspirations my friend!

Anonymous said...

Modern and rust...be still my already well fed mind, heart and soul, now that I have visited here!
that coat . . . that coat . . . that coat . . . from opera box, to musee' to early spring farmers market with espresso chic.

Michele @ Living Among Saguaros said...

You would love the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show going on now. White crystal geodes would suit your style!

Jade said...

Looooooove that style, dear Dore, the magic of black & white! Rustic country style but elegant too - so lovely! Have a wonderful weekend and many hugs to sweet Pia Bleu!

With love, Jade

Jade said...

Thank you, dear Dore........to share peace and the beauty of a moment is the best we can to!

With love, Jade

cindy hattersley design said...

Your living room is gorgeous and I love the pillow details. And who can resist that adorable baby in the last pic!!

Kelly said...

I will have to go try to find that magazine! It looks like one I would like. I have been drawn to these colors lately too. I love black and white with some grey thrown in. I love your black and white ticking pillow with the little ties on it! So pretty!

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I like the motif. Very relaxing!

Ketterman Rowland & Westlund Lawyers said...

It really looks good in the house.

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