August 18, 2013

Salvaged Redux

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Romantic and Rustic
I am relentless when it comes to creating from pieces I can re-imagine.

I embraced this carpenters saw horse found in a friends junk pile and what I imagined it to be.
By adding a scrap of old builders wood to the bottom I created a shelf. I had a perfect piece of old oak wood planked that I knew I could use for the table surface. It had just the right amount of white paint and old to it, all I had to do is add a bit more.

Built solid and sturdy making it a rustic piece with authentic charm.

Books of design beauty and poetry is never far from reach on my side table.

"If you can't be the poet, then be the poem."

Timeworn with just the right amount of white and worn.
All I had to do is add a bit more old to it.

I want my home to feel timeless with authentic rustic French coziness.

Best pieces are salvage for there beauty of many years of use.

A collective shallow box belongs to my daughter Hannah where she gathers and collects salvage bits of poetry.
Inspiring the beauty in what we can redux with pieces salvaged.


Pedro Diaz said...

I've always liked you. It's beautiful and I like all the furniture is very romantic and rustic

I'm in love with his art


It's me said...

Wowww...beautiful things i see from me...happy sunday !!..x !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My heart is RACING with joy as I see the pieces of a whole, lovely pieces for which I TOO can see a purpose: TO INSPIRE! Those shoes, Doré....THOSE SHOES! They are almost a platinum color which I LOVE. And the little snippets of poetry, birds and tarnished silver in the tray! PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

Junkchiccottage said...

I love everything you do. Those shoes are the center piece and make that vignette perfect. Love that.

Bente said...

So beautiful. I just love your home.

Have a great new week


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Beautifully and well done.

Simply lovely.

Monica B. said...

E' sempre tutto meraviglioso qui da te...un bacio

Seawashed said...
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Vintage Home said...

I'd say you have created the desired affect...stunning. Love the saw horse and the chair together. All the soothing ways to create contrast & interest you have developed it in abundance.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Dore, you do timeless so well.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Ohhh it's always a happy happy day when I see a Post from my sweet friend.
Hope all is well with you and Miss Hannah :)
I love the lil shadow box what a great idea and your new side table is lovely too!
Hugs to you my friend, K. xoxo

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

This is you at your best Dore.. Simply beautiful.
I need to mention... Your Madonna took my breath away.. Exquisite piece of art!

chateau chic said...

Oh Dore,
This is SO LOVELY!!! I can truly feel the beauty and peacefulness you created with the sawhorse table and french chair! So very natural and timeless. Delightful inspiration!
Mary Alice

Suz said...

Every now and then I miss one of your beautiful posts. It doesn't come up on my blog roll for some reason. I finally caught this one and it is a perfect post for me. You give me so much beautiful inspiration.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

So lovely! I adore all the wood showing through underneath the white!

erin's art and gardens said...

your daughters shallow box of trinkets has inspired me today....

toves sammensurium said...

Now that "table" went from a grey duckling to a beautiful swan!!!!Magic!Love the finish on the table,and it's skape AS well :)
Very cosy,personal and elegant :)))
Tove :)

Rhonda said...

ADORE, that inspiration box of Hannah's gets me every time. I have one and love what ends up in it.

I love your homeless finds and how you salvage them. I'm hoping for cooler weather to start searching the curbs for such fins.

As always, leaving here much inspired. xo Rhonda

Vera said...


With each new blog entry I attentively observe your display juxtaposition, the contast of rustic to your graceful repurposing.

The reinvention of a saw horse into a peaceful white side table sprinkled with your magical pixie dust and staged with those stunning heels.

You tantalize our perception of scale with the lovely lamp base topped off like a crown with a tiny shade almost Alice in Wonderland - thrilling.

I love your silver collection. My Grandmother's silver I inherited I keep polished to gleam. OK let's just say it's the Virgo in me!!! My hotel silver I allow a bit of patina to


Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

definitely you have given your house the feel you like. It's beautiful.

Kate said...

Dear Dore
The beauty that you give to our hearts is endless. I am always in awe of the talent that you give from the depths of your heart. Thank you for gracing us with such beauty my dear friends!

much love to you my friend

Faded Charm said...

I love your new little repurposed table and the lamp that is sitting on top...a perfect pair!

Hope you had a nice weekend:-)


Victoria said...

Your re-purposed table is amazing! I bet your friend is wishing she could take it back:)

I've been reading poetry books that I've collected off Etsy and enjoying them also! Your daughters little box of treasures is darling:)

Christel said...

Dear Dore, coming here is like a breath of fresh air. Just as you breathe life back into old discarded pieces, you inspire me with the beauty it becomes. Hope all is wonderful with you, love my friend, Christel

Pura Vida said...

I can just see you in those fabulous heels and that white shawl!

Anne said...

Beautiful salvaged pieces Dore!Love that saw horse!You took a salvaged piece and made it a beautiful piece of art that added so much charm to your beautiful home!
I love this saying "If you can't be the poet, then be the poem."

Anonymous said...

Dore, everything looks beautiful. I love the touch of the sparkly shoes to the photos. Still romantic but with sparkle. :)


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Your home is so serene, Dore.
I love Hannah's box of collected bits.

Karena said...

Dore, I adore what you have created from a sawhorse of all things! You are amazing my friend!

I can picture you coming home and any stress just rolling off of you!

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Ivy and Elephants said...

Just lovely, Dore. Simple and elegant, just your style. Some items can stand alone and give a strong statement with no need for adornment. You always manage to find just the right piece to speak for itself. Beautiful!

Sandi said...

Why in the world would anyone have that lovely piece in their junk pile? I guess we all see things in different ways, but I love it! Your photos are beautiful as always Dore and your home...well , just...*SIGH*...stunning!!

Dori said...

Oh...So much loveliness here! I will spend some time scrolling down and enjoying. ~Dori

Cindy said...

Unbelievable what you did with that sawhorse. It is so elegant now! Look at the pretty lines, and the way the legs angle out. You took a rough old sawhorse and made it look absolutely beautiful...


Vintage Home said...

Just needed a little Luxe fix!

Art and Sand said...

Beautiful bench and shelf . . . beautiful salvage bits . . .
beautiful all around.

Julie Marie said...

Hello Dore... everything is just beautiful... I love your gorgeous shoes too... and your daughters collective box is so lovely... xoxo Julie Marie

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

How I love all of these vignettes chère Doré, my second time here!!! Thank you kindly for coming to visit; my post today is a rather quick post since I'm rushing to get ready for school and trying to read for a writing assignment. But thank you for your thoughts and sweet friendship - ALORS, AIMEZ L'UNE ET L'AUTRE! Anita

must love junk said...

Such beautiful inspiration, as always! Love the rescued saw horse!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dearest Dore,
It was such a joy to have a visit from you.. Your kind words touched my heart.. Thank you so much dear friend.

Unknown said...

you...dear dore...have been my "muse" thee past few days as i paint...create..and get ready for my first ever show! i bought a can of "grey" paint and am loving how it looks applied to wood and "dore." merci! ;)

Karena said...

Dore I came back to take another look and I adore the lamp on your new table. Did you make it by chance?
Hope your week is off to wonderful start!

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Fishtail Cottage said...

Congrats to you! your entry was chosen to win the amazing book, Born of Persuasion Novel on my blog! xoox, tracie

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good morning dear Dore,

What a joy it was to see your comment.. I always look forward to your visits..

I am so happy you enjoyed Matilda and Phoebe. I will miss them, as I grew very attached, but they are in a loving home so I am happy.

Looking forward to seeing what your creative hands have been doing.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What a dear you are to come over and leave such a beautiful note for me.. I am so happy you enjoyed her..
I always look forward to your visits Dore, your words lift my heart.