January 19, 2012

Poetic Beauty

"If you cannot be a poet, be the poem."

Old beautiful resourcefulness, creating beauty poetically.

Inspiring the depths of ones soul. (Web inspired photos)

Thanking beautiful Kim over at Bella Rustica
for gifting me her poetic beauty with one of her beautiful creations.
Sometimes someone dear does something beautiful that catches your attention adding something exquisite, exceptional and oh so euro flea market elegant to the muted palette of ones decor, Kim at Bella Rustica added that poetic beauty to my day. If you have not had a chance to visit Bella Rustica please do so while taking in the beauty she inspires. Now! I am off to place my pillow in a place I can glance at often.

January 12, 2012

Authentic With A Sense Of Soul

"Click on photos to enlarge rustic detail"
My rustic 100 year old find

I love the fragile look of salvaged pieces and embracing what beauty they bring to a home created with pieces that make a big impression on me, it's how I imagine it. I was excited to get these wardrobe doors home with me that were sadly hanging onto dear life from a cabinet beyond repair. With a little sanding to them and the given wash of grey added the right kind of rightness to the patina of a darker shade of white adding a massive dose of what makes it beautiful.

When I recycle and upcycle I have a policy that nothing is off limits and everything salvaged is meant to be used for something authentic with a sense of soul.

I live by one of my favorite quotes:
"By only owning things you know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
~William Morris

Living a salvaged down-to-earth style with a lived in look resulted in looking artfully at what one can create, with having an easy relationship with an imagination.

January 03, 2012

There Are No Words

"Click on photo to enlarge beauty"

This is a room to love and a room that inspires, there are no words in how much I love this space (via web) I am off on a day trip to encourage more of this look in my home.


"It's not what you look at
that matters, it's what you see."
~Henry David Thhoreau