January 19, 2012

Poetic Beauty

"If you cannot be a poet, be the poem."

Old beautiful resourcefulness, creating beauty poetically.

Inspiring the depths of ones soul. (Web inspired photos)

Thanking beautiful Kim over at Bella Rustica
for gifting me her poetic beauty with one of her beautiful creations.
Sometimes someone dear does something beautiful that catches your attention adding something exquisite, exceptional and oh so euro flea market elegant to the muted palette of ones decor, Kim at Bella Rustica added that poetic beauty to my day. If you have not had a chance to visit Bella Rustica please do so while taking in the beauty she inspires. Now! I am off to place my pillow in a place I can glance at often.


La Brocanteuse said...

Beautifull and soothing...enjoy your lovely cuhion, I will visit Bella Rustica's blog, thank you for sharing her.hugs to you dear ~Colx

Kate said...

Beauty as it is. always here in your place, love the inspiration that you leave inside of me. My best to you my friend.

Much love

Tiff said...

That pillow is so lovely! Those images with their pale beauty put me instantly at peace, I am looking forward to visiting Bella Rustica, thanks for the link. Have a beautiful week! X

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and such a beautiful gift,enjoy your cushion x

Sueann said...

Love the photos...and the pillow is scrumptious!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I must visit her! And your world, no matter if it is gray, if filled with COLOUR of wonder and grace ma belle! BISES! Anita

summersoul said...

Dore, just beautiful. That pillow is gorgeous! Have a great weekend.


savvycityfarmer said...

ahhhh ... it's all the little things isn't it?

be blessed

d e l i g h t said...

I love the pillow and your poetic thoughts! Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I'm off to visit her...
Hugs & Happy Weekend,

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Thanks Dore~` I will have to go checked out Bella Rustica. Love the pillow.

Seawashed said...

Bella~Beauty... the pillow is perfect for your home. How lovely of her. ox

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your posts are always so beautiful and inspiring, Dore. The pillow is beautiful. I have Kim's magnetic board hanging in my living room.

Valerie@chateaualamode.typepad.com said...

So much beauty on your blog....I could sit here forever. That pillow is so gorgeous!

BellaRustica said...

You inspire me, truly. You honor me greatly. I look forward to meeting one day. I have an opportunity to move back to San Diego with my agency so perhaps...soon. Either way, thank you for your beauty and connection.


LizlovesVintage said...

Hi Dore,
It's perfect, simple yet romantic.
I love it. Isn't it funny how the simple things make us happy.
Enjoy your weekend.
While I type.. your music on here is just beautiful;)
xxx Liz

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma belle,

Thank you for coming to visit me my friend. Yes, without daydreams we would not have those "night jobs" of working in our Etsy shops, writing our posts, thinking of how to create something, or even having the will to get up and go out to our jobs. Thank you for being a dreamer that never gives up.

I will be around; I just need to tell MYSELF that next week I can't post because I will be staying late at school to work and get my grades in for report cards....a lot of work!!! LOVE TO YOU Anita

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What a perfect new treasure for your beautiful home Dore!
When you said if you can't be the poet be the poem, it reminded me of a poem my son wrote about me many years ago...I think I will re-read that today, thank you!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Your world really is a place of peace and beauty... What a lovely gift.. You always inspire me... That you for the poetic post...

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Love the quote "If you cannot be a poet, be the poem."
Kim's gift will sit well in your beautiful home - a wonderful way to remember a friend.
P.S. Been away from my computer this week so I'm catching up this morning- time is too tight.

Suz said...

Beautiful pillow!

Anonymous said...

It's me again... Zuzu.

Your comment at my blog was so very sweet! Thank you, dear Dore!

Karena said...

Dore I love this post your pillow, and Bella Rustica, gorgeous!

Art by Karena

https://e-i-n-f-a-l-l-s-r-e-i-c-h.blogspot.com/ said...

your photos are gorgeous!!!
all the best
your 1214. follower ;-)

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

What a wonderful post,love that first photo! All the best,Chrissy

Apple Blossom Barn said...

What a lovely post full of elegant whimsy, that cushion is on my wish list!

warmest wishes


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Dore~ It's always nice stopping by for a visit.
I enjoy your posts and the eye candy you so generously share.
What a wonderful quote and definite words to live by.
That pillow is...beyond! What a treasure.

I hope you can stop by to see the Valentine surprise I've got in store. Starting with...Pain au Chocolat. I'll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea.

Sweet wishes,

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Dore,
Such a gorgeous pillow. It is so wonderful when someone gifts you with something that is so utterly perfect for you. It makes your heart soar to know that someone is truly listening, and hears the poetry of your heart song.
Big hugs,
p.s. WIW is open

Vintage Home said...

Your images are true poetry...the calm healing type!

Jennelise said...

Beautiful photos! So simple and elegant and I love the quotes that you included :)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello My Friend, so very sweet, love the pillow. I love all her items tho. My best to you always. Cheers Kim

Unknown said...

Oooh I love that first quote!

Crimson Heart Studios said...

Hi Dore, I love everything about this post. Pillow, poem, and pretty pretty white. Come by Crimson Heart Studios, I have a cool wool handbag that I think you will enjoy. Blessing, Cindy

Elizabeth Maxson said...

I know all about poetic beauty from the master...you, Dore. Everything you do, and my gift from you, is filled with beauty. Thank you for sharing..and of course, love the photos.

Have a great weekend.

Big hug

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma belle,

I see you came by....you must be so busy. I too. I didn't post last week because I was so busy with report cards, and now I am so exhausted. I hope my new post was not terrible; your words were few, and I have a feeling that this post will be a DUD. BUT, your quote up above, "IF YOU CANNOT BE THE POET, BE THE POEM" is encouraging to me. BECAUSE my reality is that I am too busy to sit down to write something beautiful, but I can be BEAUTIFUL in my actions in life. Hmmm....thank you.

LOVE! Anita

OH! I AM GETTING A NEW CHAIR TODAY from Restoration Hardware, in LINEN and distressed wood!!!!!!!!

Sandra van Doorn said...

how divine, i love that first picture...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling one,

THANK YOU for coming back to rejoice with me in my new chair! :)))))))

IT IS SO GORGEOUS! I am going to go take a nap, but later I will have guests. I will try to take a pic and send it to you! LOVE!!!!!! Anita

Deserae said...

Beautiful pics...very inspiring! I am not following your blog...so glad I found it :o)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love it! great style.

Anonymous said...

Great idea.It look so beautiful crafting on the pillow and sofa.