May 17, 2018

"Just Not A Good Day Unless It Is A Creative One"

 Burlap luxe Home And Art
Burlap Luxe

"Just Not A Good Day Unless It Is A Creative One"

My latest created design,
botanic garden theatre, altar~shrine,
built from salvage woods. Antique with 100 year old wood,
embellished with salvage drawer pulls for to use of 
roof top finials.

Backdrop wall is artist papered, with vintage French 
ephemera book pages. Artist weathered with a decay
feeling of centuries old. 

I paint stain in a wash of tones, using a plastering technique
 I developed for this hauntingly aged look.
Distressed in all the right kind of rightness that
 touches the edge of my soul. 

Artistic accents

Ready to hang

Garden Theatre~Shrine~Altar~Niche 

Layers of old

French Ephemera Backdrop

Barn Swallows

Created with salvage barn wood, Cartapesta,
wire, twigs, and vintage book ephemera art.

Wall Hanging

13" 1/2 height x 4" 3/4 width

 Cartapesta Nest and Eggs
Hand molded and hand painted eggs.

The swallow builds a cup nest from mud pellets in
barns or similar structures.They feed on insects 
in flight.
There are cultural references to the barn swallow
in literary and religious works due to both its
 living in close proximity to humans and
its annual migration.

 Burlap Luxe Art
Dore Callaway
writer of 

May be purchased, or just a closer look
here in my etsy shop click on link here...

Also welcomed to follow me on my Burlap luxe instagram.
European home designs and art.
Click on link here...


Michele said...

Your creations are astounding.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Michele, Your a doll.
Thank you dearly for supporting words in behalf of my art.
Big hugs dear.


Méa Strauß said...

Oh, your creativity is endless... all your ideas, growing out of deepest thoughts in poetry, Doré, your journey has just startet. I once postet you in my right sidebar as one of the most inspiring artists to me. You still are, and I am happy to know your blog. As our house is falling apart and little catastrophies happen here (well, we will manage), I am so glad to be able to visit your blog - you give so much to this world with your energy.
Have a wonderful day, your friend Méa

Bente said...

What an artist you are. This is so beautiful.
Hugs from here

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Love these beautiful pieces!

It's me said...

Love everything you do Dore are a Great artist....lovely from me Ria x 💜

Regine Karpel said...


T said...

Your gift is soul-stirring. I love returning to your bliss.

Junkchiccottage said...

Good Morning Dear Dore,
I have been looking for a beautiful creative piece for my living room near my old vintage bird house and porch post. This wonderful Carapesta Nest piece is going to be great for this spot. I just purchased it in you ETSY shop.
Thank you for your creative heart. I cannot wait to get this and find that perfect spot for it. I will give you a shout out when I hang it in my living room. I love your creative soul. So happy to have a piece of your beautiful artwork.

Debbie said...

Your posts are always so full of amazing pieces, Dore'. I love coming here for inspiration. You are such a creative person, my friend.

william said...
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william said...

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wow! this is nice. i want them in my house, interesting blog post as always.

Junkchiccottage said...

Thank you Dore I just received my special and amazing piece from you. It is gorgeous and I will find a beautiful place in my home. Thank you so much. Love love love your creative heart and to own one of your precious pieces. Thank you.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Breathtaking, romantic, ethereal -- what other adjectives can I find to describe your creations, Dore? So many more. You produce exquisite work. What imagination and skill you possess. And what joy you bring to your readers with every beautiful item you make and share. Be well, my friend, and carry on. Hugs, Nancy

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Rhonda said...

I feel the same way, although, I work sometimes 5 days a week, I always try to squeeze in some creative time. Love Love your creations.

william said...

thanks you for sharing your blogs i really likes your blog and its beautiful. keep posting more
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Charles Shelley said...
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John Dyke said...

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sydney cruz said...

wow! it really looks good, this is a good design for any house

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chris said...

Stunning photos, love your slogan!

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Such beautiful things you create...

Best wishes, Ida

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Lana Manis said...

I know this is an old post, but I miss the days of blogging and thought I'd revisit some favorites today. Dore, your art and design is always an inspiration. I haven't been able to create much in the past year and miss it. We've had a sick little grandbaby that has been foremost in our minds. But she loves playing and painting, so I think I'll slowly work creative things into our time spent together on days when she feels up to it. :)

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