May 10, 2018

Creating With Salvage

 Botanic Theatre, Shrine, Altar, Niche

Latest pieces in my creative arts.
Artiste Dore Callaway
The Writer Of Burlap Luxe

 Creating with salvage wood pieces 100 year old woods.
I collect old wood fragments, boxes, picture frames,
drawer pulls for the use of finials.
Old paper ephemera that wall paper backdrop, 
giving it a hauntingly beautiful age of decay.

Poetry book pages from antique tattered books,
become part of my wallpapers.

Aged and given all the rightness in its decayed abandoned

The passion and heart that goes into creating with
salvage woods, that most see as being nothing 
more then useless.

I see the sweet love of what is to become.
I love creating shrine-altar like pieces of
Beautiful pieces of wood.

Salvage antique picture frames, old chair spindles,
vintage French cheese boxes, and wire and metal
fragments. All come together artfully.

My works of art are found for purchase in my
online shop Burlap Luxe etsy,
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Sherry said...

creating beauty .. as only you can. ♥

oldgreymareprimitives said...

As always, exquisite work made with love.

JoanMarie said...

You always delight with your beautiful creations Dore - the worn vintage materials and the way your heart puts them together is as always, stunning. You create art that can be gazed at for hours and that to me, is the joy.

It's me said... beautiful 💜💜💜 love from me Ria x

Rhonda said...

I dream of pieces like yours, so magical! I need to keep my eyes open for salvaged wood. xx rhonda

Burlap Luxe said...

Rhonda, it’s going home with Susanne, @no108bellavista
A beautiful home.

Junkchiccottage said...

Always so beautiful Dore.
Happy Mother's Day.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Doré I admire and love your soulful art pieces assembled from salvage. Your imagination rocks! I seldom leave intragram and hadn’t a clue you posted on your blog. Love this post,

Michele said...

NO ONE does it as well as you, sweet lady.

These pieces are stunning. Just gorgeous.


Méa Strauß said...

Oh Doré - this is so adorable. As only you can. I simply LOVE shrines, it has something sacred of times before christian shrines came up.
You are independent, as your feeling for art just seems to flow out of your hands.
I admire your artwork, and I send my best wishes to you, your friend Méa :))

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william said...

i like how the altar made and its design it looks so beautiful and nice
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Bryan Ureta said...

Looks old but i feel something special , well made and beautiful.

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Nikka Pontillas said...

what a beautiful altar!

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Donna Cooper said...

Omg... Dore it is exquisite!
Bigger! I’m waiting for something JUST like this but in a bigger size !
Please contact me if you ever make something like this in a larger size... I want to be first in line!
I ADORE the old paper ephemera! What a masterpiece...! What a beautiful masterpiece!

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