January 18, 2013

Private Spaces "Les espaces privés"

I have added these bench~stools I design to my Burlap Luxe etsy shop, and along came a custom order request from a beautiful buyer asking if I could custom paint something on it as I do to my signs, of course my answer back to her was, "I would be happy to".

Leaving something as it is, to then get an order letting it take on whatever would greet it.   

Was her order, and a request to add my sweet wild bird and its resting twigs.
This bench~stool is going  to be set along side a bed, a step up to a quite, calming, and restful place of dreams.

ELLE DORT... A beautiful French phrase for, "She Sleeps"

I just love this phrase for a step up to bed.
With painting layers of exterior paints, and hand rubbed coats, after coats of matte finish sealer I am assured this art will last until it is no longer in need.

A bench painted for, private spaces
"Les espaces privés"

A stepstool bench that soothes the soul makes a beautiful rustic accessory in a bedroom, charming its reach with a feminine touch.
"Touche de Féminité"

Pictured at the foot of my daughter Hannah's bed before shipping it off.

 Quoting an etsy feed back from the purchaser...

"Dore is awesome! The bench is beautiful. She took an ordinary bench and turned it into a piece of art. I can't wait to get another thing made by this wonderful artist!"
Emily L. MD.
Odessa Florida.

Thank you sweetly for your custom order Emily, and the ever so kind Burlap Luxe etsy feed back.

January 09, 2013

Every Good And Perfect Piece

Accomplish something beautiful with your simple pieces. Every good and perfect piece lives with you today.

Entertaining spaces

"Les espaces de détente"

" Burlap Luxe Flatware by Lenox"

I just love the French-ness of this flatware, and the charm of the fleur de lis at the ends.
Elegant with European rustic charm to it's relaxed timeless appeal.

"I love them tarnished"
Beautiful flatware, glassware, pottery and linens set to style with a distressed dusting of whites.
English sterling serving spoons add the right kind of rightness when it comes to entertaining
guest with European flea market style.

I was gifted the sterling silver serving spoons passed down to me from family, and they are treasured.
( Thank you M.H )

I find the most important things in my home are relaxed that suggest a casual restful feel like wrinkled linen lap napkins, a detail to a soulful rustic setting that nothing is meant to be that perfect...

(Except for the whipped cream)

Living and entertaining with whites, whitens the greyer days of winter.