December 20, 2012

Performance de Noël...Exposition

"Created  and built by Doré Callaway" ( All photos Burlap Luxe)  Up date...It Sold

Exposition Miss Dore Théâtre Français
du 20 au 31 Décembre

With the understudy standing by the théâtre performance of French drama, and opéra must go on.  

Every French home during Christmas displays a French scène. Our French home is following tradition of French toy theatre making. Creating, and fashioning 19th century papier toy théâtre, yet ours made of salvage that beckons to become a stage of performances.
I enjoy the hunt, the thrill, the breathtaking pieces of damage that I find beauty in. Then to create an old French threatre that rustically, and hauntingly echos opera, and dance .

A salvaged  antique piece of frame work forces me so willingly to be inspired to create a theatre that will perform for years to come. I wanted to create a mesmerizing, and extra ordinary avant-garde show of cabaret, and cirque du soleil. A dramatic stage for performances of holiday shows,
Where all the set designs, and props are built by the hands that create theatre soulfully.

I age it with paints, and salvage anything that inspires what I invision my theatre's to become opening night.

Wire chandeliers bent and twisted, wire ladders, and swings to perform on add to the entertaining of what I love to create for French theatre.
The stage lights are lit, and every piece crafted is in its place.


Notice how sweet a production seen through the strong shape of a wood box turning it into theatre shuts off everything esle, is not only an assistance to performing beauty; it is the beauty in the performance itself. 

A French Noël

This bench, stool has many uses, one of a few that can be found in my etsy shop listed on my site.

The start of French theatre to become...

Theatre's emerged in the 19th century as a popular childs toy you would build from paper theatre's mirroring the grandeur of theatres of London, Paris, Vienna, Copenhagen these theatre's flurished in living room's for generations for child's play, and budding performer's.

Nearly every European country as well as the United States created its own. To find one of these rare wood or paper antique theatre's would now hold a pricey tag. I am in hopes that someday someone will find one of my théâtre français, and pass it on for another 100 years.
I added one of Penny's felted sugar plum fairy mice to a performance this year that she was so kind to make her tutu, and ballet shoes in grey for me. You can visit her blog site at...   

where she creates in her imagination full of beauty.
Is this little Sugar Plum fairy just the cutest performer you have ever seen. 

Thank you Penny for adding to our holiday performances.

Inspiring Théâtre, and our holiday perfomance.  

One of my theatre's, and my home, featured in "Romantic Country" magazine,
 pages 18-25 spring issue 2013
on stands December 2012

December 11, 2012

Joy In December ~ Romantic Country Magazine

My Home, and I am overjoyed.

Romantic Country Magazine
Flea market Style 2013
On magazine stands now December 2012

"All photos Burlap Luxe"

Joy in December
We unlocked our door to a soulful experience.

Where garlands hang greeting the comforts of a French cottage life.
les comforts rustiques

Our Home Featured In spring Issue 2013 on magazine stands December 2012

Romantic Country magazine welcomes spring in December. I could never have envisioned where my passion to inspire through designing, and blogging in flea market style would have taken me.

I want to thank Romantic Country Magazine Editor Fifi O'Neill

Contributing Photographer Mark Lohman

Contributing Writer Mary Fosell

For adding joy to our lives with an invite to grace the pages of a magazine that shares creative living, inspiring, and personal.

With Fifi's effortless grace, and the amazing work of Marks photography we were romanced with the beauty they created for us.

Graceful Composure

Pieces with little life left to them, are then brought back to life page after page, poetic music to our hearts.
We will not forget these graceful moments.

My Romantic affair with creating French Opera, and Theatres of performance can also be seen featured in Romantic Country magazine where sharing my passion for creating with European-inspired charater touched my heart. 

Thank you Romantic Country

I created a tree of white. 

Adorned with my wire chandeliers I create by twisting, and bending then adding layers of crusty plaster, and paints that I also create for my theatres. I found them adding charm, and a theatrical feel to a winters tree.

Thank you Romantic Country Fifi O'Neill for adding joy to our Joyeux Noël. 

December 06, 2012

Joyeux Noël~God Jul

 "All Photos Burlap Luxe Home"

When your sense are quited.

With peaceful surroundings.

Gently worn with a patina of age.

Where winter days are calm, worn, and imaginative.
Dress a tree with colours of the season.

Well suited for a simple winters home.

Nothing more than a clipping, just borrowing what will end up pruned back at this time of year.

Inspiring a quiet spot in my French~Nordic kitchen