November 23, 2012

Winters Calm Nordic Holiday

"All Photos of BurlapLuxe home"

A home filled with winter, and seasonal inspiration.

 Where mirrors will reflect winters calm.
Candles a glow in the beauty of tarnish.

Pewter filled with what it brings.
 Greenery that embellishes Nordic style.
A grey tin "C" for Callaway Christmas
 A muse of inspiration
 Monterey Bay Heather a top our Nordic grey side table.

Wild with anticipation a birds intimate space that was surrounded by winter trees. 
I scatter seeds, and have them visit me...
 in thankfulness for songs they sing when winter ends.
 Planting mini trees of cypress in tea cups make for holiday beauty.

6 mattelasse white as winter left in my peaceful etsy,
and 6 Nordic grey canvas duck you will find them on my sidebar.
Inspiring hands involved with traditions.

November 09, 2012

I Found It To Be Beautiful

A caged life...In the Burlap Luxe home.
A brocante piece with another function in mind-another life before being admired as an object to decorate with, a piece not hopeless nor useless.

A cage I deeply connected to while dancing around the idea of bringing it home in hopes it would inspire a place in my home with gracious impact to its rustic charm. A piece that masteriously anchors the room beautifully.

 I was inspired by the cage, and knew it was my new accessory that would change the mood of my room speaking a language of its own while reflecting a shadowy softness washed over in a patina of grey galvanized with layers of old, and the pale of rust working well with the background of a French country home.

 French country style gives us permission to create such spaces with such personal French flea market style.

In a French home very few brocante pieces lack decorative value, its a matter of looking at pieces in a more imaginative way. I am imagining this cage in many decorative uses. This cage stood-out, knowing it to be a rare find, and beautifully alive in my French country home.

Inspiring a relationship with the pieces we bring home.