February 18, 2012

Propriétaire du Théâtre Français...Giveaway!

Before I announce the Propriétaire du Théâtre Français (owner of French theatre) I want to thank each and every one of you who joined in on my opera theatre giveaway out of love, and passion to create drama as I do.

Hands that create poetic art with grace and age.

Not your typical dancing shoes of stage performance, but shoes that wore out in a soulful performance of building the floor of dance.

I am inspired by old theatre's, their history and beauty they behold.

“I have been creating for a lifetime; probably influenced by life itself.”

My hand created theatre's built and signed by me Dore Callaway can be seen in my etsy shop ready for a performance by you. More theatre's coming soon to my etsy, getting ready for a spring production.

The spotlight is on our newest owner of one of my French theatre's.

Pictured is the theatre of opera where she will start performing on.

I am excited to announce that the beautiful Christel Hutson (Here)A Far Place... is the winner of her very own French Theatre. I am excited to see her future performances where she will become her own actor and producer in the arts of song and dance. The winning comment was calculated with the use of Random.org entering 1-79 with number 3 being the number drawn. If you have not met Christel at "A Far Place" please do so and see the beautiful ooak dolls she creates, congratulations Christel!

1,2 photo via net.

February 09, 2012

A GiveAway... With Drama

"click on photo to Théâtre enlarge details"

I have created with heirloom quality in mind knowing they will delight for decades to come. It is my wish to inspire artwork and handwork within all of us. Have you ever created something or received something that touched you so gently that you had to cry, well I was touched in this manner when I visited Anita at "castles crowns cottages" and experienced her opéra théâtre production that moved me with a need to create one of my own, this then lead me to creating many for my peaceful etsy shop and more coming soon.

“I have been creating for a lifetime; probably influenced by life itself.”

Taking a theatrical approach to creating and setting the stage for drama where the walls are marked with age and the distressing of time providing a perfect backdrop with imperfect age to what appears to be an abandoned old French theatre in France.The wire chandelier hanging over center stage is layered with textures and paints dramatically adding the right kind of rightness where this rustic old French stage echoes performances bygone. It made a whole lot of sense to me why I would love to share some theatrical drama with you in a G I V E A W A Y! and sharing the joy of being your own producer in a memorable performance of a stage production.

A Toy Theatre is a miniature stage, built in card or wood where Children perform plays on it using characters and scenes cut out from printed sheets of paper dolls and text written in a simple "playbook". The audience would normally be family and friends who view the stage. Adults too were known to use them, especially the large elaborate ones as I have now listed in my etsy shop!

Opéra Théâtre appeared in the Paris department store Etrennes catalog for many years, circa 1875. Originally crafted to entertain child's play but adults found creative pleasure in producing performances as well.
Theatre doll mice and papier goods are not included in this giveaway! You may make or purchase papier dolls or holiday lights to light your theatre and ornaments setting your stage with seasonal drama with a performance that will delight all.

Opéra Théâtre Valued at $120.00
retrieved from my etsy shop.

Théâtre size: 16" length 13"1/2 height 7" depth

GiveAway rules for 3 entries at chance to win:

(1.)Become a follower comment me you follow.

(2.)Post GiveAway! on your sidebar.

(3.)Re-post my GiveAway in a posting on you blog site you may edit to the size you want to post.

Giveaway will end at 10:00 PM on 2-17-12

You may visit my French Opera Théâtres and Théâtres at my etsy shop Here! BurlapLuxe