November 27, 2011

Grandpas Old Door

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Inspiring the connection this door made with me.

This is a how the side table looked before I placed my grandparents 200 year old dinning room door behind it as a back drop to recycled finds adding a perfectly pale pallette of grey.

As a child I remember opening this door often on my visits to there desert home in Action California. It was a door that opened to the history of there weekend home allowing them to find peace and calm from the busyness of Hollywood where my grandfather was an "art producer" for "Paramount Movie Picture Studios" It was a home that at times was used for filming movies in, but most important a home where we enjoyed the holidays and the quiet it whispered.
I think I am the only family member since the passing of my grandparents that understood the story this door had and I made sure that it came home with me as if it were more than what it is rather than less than what it is paying close attention to it's life. A door now that leads nowhere other than the memories it holds, memories that all things have a story and a place in the journey.

I am giving this door space to show off its beautiful imperfections and the soul it has acquired. The beauty of using these treasure in our homes is you don't have to be picky in what you have acquired, the history in themselves set a tone for story telling and the story in this door is mine.

Inspiring the connection this door made with me.

November 15, 2011

Holiday Old

Tucked away in a dusty shed is a rocking chair with peeling holiday red. It has no obvious value but beyond what it looks like it has my immediate feelings provoking me to love it while begging for attention reminding me of the young soul within. Age just shows up by itself when grace and beauty departs, this chair is the precise age for something important it has inspired me with creating for the holidays.

"I know not how it may be with others
Who sit amid relics of householdry that
date from the days of their mothers' mothers,
But well I know how it is with me

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I want to thank "Anita Crisp" of Redding California for custom ordering one of my signs with her phrase "It's A Wonderful Life" she wanted a holiday sign to last year around that inspires a wonderful life and it was a joy to create it.

A sled my daughter Hannah and I came across while out of town on business, it inspires a winter sleigh ride and the sounds of jingle bells. Inspiring a holiday, creating with holiday old.

November 03, 2011

Solstice Of Darkening Nights And Creating

via Pale and Interesting

Looking forward to the turn of winter and the darkening nights creating in solstice with the holidays in mind, it’s also a time to sit in the early darkness handwriting a personal message, a note of appreciation, friendship and love conveying what joy someone has added to your life, receiving a note card is a timeless delight.

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While I was resting my artful thoughts on this new piece that I was working on and also thinking about what the holidays will inspire for my art this season I took a break setting aside my paint brushes and made my way to my post box to find a hand written envelope from Kerrie and her SeaWashed studio of art, the note card was in between circulars of junk mail and it instantly added a calm to my evening.

My latest Piece created by me (Dore) the art is painted on layers of distressed paints I created so it would have a Nordic feel on a vintage French table leaf, you will find this peaceful piece perfect for a holiday gift in my peaceful etsy shop.
Merry Christmas signs, one of a few of my hand painted signs and are signed by artist Dore (me) they can also be found in my etsy.

Kerrie’s Nordic grey pine tree note cards add to a perfect greeting for a Nordic holiday fondly, peacefully and sincerely. Perhaps you will visit her artist signed etsy shop taking notice of her tags and note cards adding peace on earth.

Kerrie at hand created note card sent to me is sea washed in Nordic grey, it spoke of making contact and appreciation for friendship, its personal content addressed to me brought joy to my night, Kerrie's new Nordic grey pine tree note card art showed how personal she wanted her note to be received. It was a note of wellness, a note of cheer, a note of sharing with a friend, her note card was the perfect tonic I needed on that very ending to that day. I was a recipient of Kerrie Sanderson’s hand written note card that she so passionately sketches and water colors for her SeaWashed studio etsy shop. Please visit Kerrie's beautiful calming art where her works of art will add a Joyeux Noel to your holiday greetings and gifting.