February 24, 2011

Inspiration And Simplicity

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Created by Dore Callaway (Me)
I never know what's next, I tend to wrap myself around the smallest details of creating, and wait for the outcome to surprise me. The best part of creating a piece really has no boundaries for me, I will use almost anything of interest. Things of old, used, and less valued speak to me, pieces flaking with plenty of distressing battling to find its soul is a favorite find of mine. I love collecting old house moldings, and always find something to do with it, here is one of the many frames I have created from reclaimed wood. By adding just the right amount of aged white paint to them, and distressing it to my likeness it leads me to my next love.

The candlestick from Anthropologie that inspired this piece.

I took a piece of 12" x 12" paneling and used the ruff side so it would mimic a canvas grain to it, then painting a piece that would capture a less than perfect scale to it something that evokes a feeling of French flea market artful romance. This is where Anthropologie comes in, I had purchased two vintage candlesticks both being different, and unique. After a year I had tired of them, and decided maybe I would like them better painted into a piece of art for my shop where I have sold many in similar likeness to this one. Finished size 22" x 22"

When this piece was completed my daughter Hannah was so taken with it she made a request that she would like to buy it from me, please don't let this one go, she pleaded. I rarely design around my own work in our home, and this piece was sold to my daughter for a kiss and a hug. Now hanging over her chest of drawers, this piece places attention to the unnoticed pieces with added simplicity to her French countryside bedroom.

French countryside bedrooms should always be characterized by simplicity. Simple might mean less then important, yet a French country bedroom is anything but less then. Don't mistake less then with uncomfortable, French countryside should mean simply warm, simply pretty, simplicity in comfort-and wonderful, regardless whether the room is large or small.

"Click on photo" details paint technique
This small side table chest went from dark tiger oak to me painting and distressing it with natural aged feel. It is a French white with a hint of gray,(Dutch Boy paint) eggshell finish, paint color "Spectacular" DB356-1

Inspiring simplicity and grace that carries your heart.
"What ever you paint, paint with all your heart."

February 03, 2011

It Had-Another Life

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Hand painted and aged with a feel of history to it, signed by myself Dore Callaway 2/2011 Stripped down in the raw, painting than with a soulful brush.

As an artist with a French gypsy brocante style I will paint on almost anything. My favorite works of art seem to create themselves on objects when an item loses its usefulness, it can than be admired for its decorative piece. I love when a piece has acquired age, making it a perfect broncante piece "not quite valued, not quite junk." I invite a piece of brocante into my hands ones that are less than perfect, showing a history of its travels, it than stops it journey once it reaches me. With a paint brush in my bite, and one in my hand I begin my work, remembering to never paint for someone else, but for myself giving it a lightness of touch.

Imagining this piece in a French Boulangerie (BAKERY SHOP) while fashioning decadent creations. Could you see this antique foot board restyled from a beautiful full size bed, and now romancing a life given back to it as a featured piece over a counter of service where beautiful cupcakes, French cheesecakes, macaroons, beautifully displayed truffles, and wedding cakes are created. A fine BAKERY SHOP where only the finest touch your taste buds, Oh my, I have talked myself into it, I think I will open my own bakery, only the best for everyone who enters. They will be greeted with a style that's fashioned with love in mind for all things romantic.

The art of French living fulfills so many different roles in an understated and elegant way, adding pieces to a space that is also an integral important part of the home. The soul and spirit of this antique foot board gives a home its individuality knowing it was first made with another function in its design. Manteling a piece like this over a white fireplace adds artful drama to the staging of French farmhouse in euro chic cottage style, while endulging "Les Details" of your own homes style.

An unlikely cast off foot board turned into a French entry wall panel ready to hang... "Adding style and grace that carries your heart." yours in my etsy!!