January 26, 2011

The Soul, Of The Piece

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Life was lost in this piece, seeing through the years of scratches deep into its lacquer finish, and a few to many personal touches given to it with carved initials in it, making this piece a total loss to many who laid their eyes upon it. To me it was a beauty to behold, and a price that excited a quite scream with what a steal. Our local thrift shop had several mark downs on it, and as a designer and buyer they give us an additional 25% off making this piece a price tag of $26.58 All I could think about was, it was going home with me where I will paint it, distress it with age, making sure I give it a new life.

Appreciating pieces for their beauty (rather than value) being unafraid of mixing eras and styles, while understanding the most important thing is having confidence in your own vision. Inspired by rustic romance, and a huge regard for the past, I find myself embracing a rickety distressed piece for the brave journey its been on, before it had found a new resting place in my hands.

Being attached to European designs this finished piece fit right in with my other French pieces, coming together making it a unique fit. Not to worry about the over sized piece, a simple and sparsely furnished room with over sized pieces create a calm and intimate effect, a feeling that the treasured "keepers" are here to stay.

Always looking at the soul of the piece, while breathing new life into it.

January 12, 2011

Romantic Aviary Retreats

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If I were a bird this is where I would want to live, over looking the room singing, just singing.
My passion remains undimmed for collecting birdcages and birdhouses. As a designer I feel the trend of adding nature to our homes will never wither away. Like many collections, it doesn't matter what you collect as long as its done with passion. Mixing your collecting into your home design without looking like a collection. I am enamored with this cage, it truly has my heart.

Late 19th Century French Birdcage, France.
Hand carved and painted wood, late 19th Century, French Birdcage. Sliding cage doors on either side, open space for feeding tray, wall mount.
height: 37" depth: 12 1/2" width/length: 38 1/2"
Price $1,675
Regalo Antiques
351 Peachtree Hills Ave
Suite 137
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404-237-4899
Ref. : 0901238269282

Birdcage, large, French, weathered wood and aviary wire
erarly 20th c.
Birdcage, large, French, weathered wood and chicken wire.
height: 48 in depth: 15 in width/length: 45 in.
DHS Designs
6521 Friel Road
Queenstown, MD 21658
Phone: 410 827 8167
Ref. : 091119870480

French Birdhouse built by me (Dore) I added antique embellishments, and used vintage woods restyled into the making of the birdhouse.
Wild Bird Feed sign is listed for sale in my "etsy" on this site
Artist Dore L. Callaway
Dore L. Callaway Interior Designs
Southern Calif. usa
I adore my vintage collection of old rickety birdcages. I find myself adding to them and then selling off the ones I can do without. European flea market style decorating allows you to incorporate new with the old, elegant piece's with the rustic, adding uncommon elements to complete your flea market style.

Aviary cages take me on a beautiful journey wondering where these perfect, and cozy cages have been before they found a resting place with someone to love. These little old properties filled with character will steal your heart, letting the wild birds work in harmony in your home and garden.

"Inspiring the hunt for lost birdcages, giving them a home."

January 03, 2011

Quiet, Calm & Soulfully French

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Artist Dore Callaway (Me)
A gracious European flea market find, these serving trays inspired the French feel and look of a hand painted Fresco panel. There were four trays with beautifully aged brass handles that held the trays on there stand. These handles added a perfect piece of history enabling them to hang artfully. My next step was to give them a new old paint finish to each of them painted to look inherited with lasting romance, while adding centuries-old European character to any euro chic room.

Vintage serving trays that I have painted restyling them with paint like plaster tones of whites and grays, French guilt touches of gold undertones peek through here, and there. The plan for these trays were to turn them into French fresco panels, giving a home a collected and gathered feel rather than one that's forced with design style.

I love when home decor is understated, its not boastful or aw-inspiring its just rich with European flea market finds and oh so peaceful. This serving tray is painted and distressed with water stained techniques, adding to the gracefulness of the floral vines and wild bird perched upon its twig. I don't always' feel you need to use dramatic color's to define your space, I just love creating with color and piece's that don't compete with other elements to much like this fresco art panel painted with heirloom quality.

"Inspiring French flea market style" You will find this piece listed in my peaceful "etsy" SOLD!! To Jill In Canada 1-4-11 One more left to be listed.