October 16, 2010

Feed The Soul, Paper Art by Dore

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Ephemera, collage mixed-media peaceful art piece. This is a repost celebrating my daughter Hannah's birthday October 17th Sunday's child...HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear one!

THIS ART WAS CREATED BY ME! "DORE CALLAWAY" and I want to thank my daughter Hannah Bailey Callaway for inspiring me...
I continue to marvel at the ability she has to celebrate and capture her passion with beauty in an artful life, as well as her heart. She moves you to tears, laughter and will take you to a place of wanting to feed the soul. Media art left me with the feeling of needing to put our hands on this piece of art by using tattered POETIC book pages, you will soon understand why I had to put these hands to this special piece of paper art. Myself being an interior designer, also artist who works in mixed-media, altered art, paper and paint, needed to put my daughters artful words in the likeness and style of this art piece. Her words as a child inspired me to do something with my hand and the hand of my daughter putting it to poetic work with paper.

WHO CAN EXPLAIN the nurturing, sustaining role art plays in all our lives? Perhaps it is the dream-like quality of art, and it's ability to engender ideas, that makes art so important. I hope my art shows a celebration of love.

The left hand is mine, the right hand is my daughter Hannah's, the bird was hers from the wild.

Being inspired to do this art brought back a dear memory of my daughter when she was age 4 now she is 17 and graduated senior year 2010. I was amazed at her heart and her fond love of caring for her wild birds, they were hers because they were loved from her heart and making sure they all ate more then there fair share of the 40 pounds of seed monthly. One afternoon one had flown into the glass door and fell to the ground, she cried yelling for my help and ran out to care for it, as she picked it up stroking it's head with her tiny 4 year old finger she told it to sing and fly, you can only imagine what that did to my heart. The little bird was soon not in shock from it's near fatal crash into the glass door and flew from her soft grip. She really believed it was her love that helped it to sing and fly. So now you can see why I had to do this poetic paper art and how the words Sing and fly were perfect for this piece.

The paper art is now framed under glass and hanging over our storage buffet in our kitchen, reminding us everyday to "Sing And Fly"