June 27, 2010

The Soul of Recycled

A Hidden Treasure In A Discarded Art Frame

Click on photo's to enlarge aged details

Irresistible art frames with many possibilities for their use, the timeless timeworn charm of chipped, cracked, peeling paints will never fade, history has proven that. I love to surround myself with objects that were less then desirable to others. I will restyle, re-purpose, and reuse pieces that have been recycled for our inviting peaceful home that asks nothing of us then to relax and create. Among an all white to creams and soft tones of gray-whites, when creating I have this color tone palette in mind. Creating from elegantly rustic, to right down rusty, nothing excites the home more then a treasured find recreated with purpose.

French-inspired vignette was made from an old art frame discarded at a tag sale. This treasured find has found it's way into my hands to breathe new life into it. This art gallery frame had seen much better days, but that did not stop me for making less then a few dollar purchase on it. Tearing the frame apart was exciting, and at that point I still had no idea what I was going to create with it. I did know I wanted to remove the excess amount of gold paint, and the layers of art paint that someone at one time had added to it.

Stripping it down layers at a time with a varnish and stripper product, removing just the right amount of paint to give it an aged old look for my euro flea market chic design style home, or shop. When I cleaned off the stripper from the 4 sides of the frame that it so kindly gave me, I then got to work painting and adding my technique in paint and aging of it. I painted the cracked, broken and what was left of the piped on icing trim, along with the center motifs adding just the right amount of washed whites, and grays, aging it perfectly imperfect. Pleased with the outcome of the personality each side of the frame took on, I was then left with what now do I use them on.

After all sides of the frame were finished they sat around awhile, I held them up to and onto many pieces that I thought could be used as part of restyling and adding to the charm of a piece. I thought maybe they would become a part of the roof line of the birdhouses I create, perhaps a back splash on a vintage piece of furniture, I was still questioning what to use them on. As they sat for a time in the corner of a room propped up and waiting to be added to that perfect piece...It hit me, that they are perfect as they are. I got out tooth hook hangers and nailed them onto the back side of each ends of the frame pieces. This allowed me to hang them on a wall as wall art inbetween other works of art. By using different frame pieces in groupings on a wall this will add salvaged details to a room. I adore them over an existing piece of art, double framing the art giving it unique cottage villa charm. Also adding shabby charm to the top of door ways, as well as a back splash embellishing a counter wall or above a kitchen window. These salvaged pieces are just beautiful laying here and there on their own, mixed with new and old pieces making for inspiring conversation.

I hope this inspires you to go to your stockpile of discarded pieces and create.

June 15, 2010

Wild Blooms In A Favorite Grouping

Salt & Pepper anyone...

Peaceful artistic impressions with these wonderfully grouped vintage salt & pepper shakers. Start by getting out your collection of old glass shakers arranging them with and original, individual touch. While you may have and affinity for rosebuds and fresh picked flowers, note that there is beauty all around us. A simple wild garden weed growing with little life left in it will add passion, purpose, and creative living. These stems of weed-ie wild flowers gathered up from the weed filled garden beds of disgarded beauty adds prettiness, and a touch of lovelies to any setting of European flea market cottage charm.

I am always enamored with simple beauty, "making something out of nothing" Arrange them for a guaint girlie brunch at each place setting, or a special occassion welcoming love in an arrangement that will not- be-forgotten.

June 07, 2010

Inviting The Birds In


"Your wings already exist.
All you have to do is fly."

This is one of my favorite china patterns I own, and I love to entertain on it bringing nature to the table and letting it sing.

A restful kitchen is where you will find our peaceful bird china.

I have always loved the soft colors in old linens and antique china. This is why many years ago I fell in love with this pattern. This set has become a family tradition for us. When the birds in late spring begin to sing, we find a reason to celebrate with them. We will invite friends over and serve up a special brunch and homemade dessert, on this occation getting the table completely set was exciting. After our delightful brunch we finished off with a homemade double fudge cake, and orange tea, wish I could have invited all of you. "Inspiring you all to make something from nothing everyday" even if it is entertaining friends with delightful nature and inviting the birds to stay awhile. "La Vie Claire" The art of living a creative life.