January 27, 2010

Birdhouse That Captures Vintage Flea Market Style

This is one of my favorite's out of the hundreds I have created and sold. Not only do we want to live in our dream house, I am certain our little feathered friends want that dream too. I have collected through the many years a number of old chairs, tables, fence posts, columns, house siding, and anything salvageable I can get my hands on. I love the many old cast off items friends, family, and friendly strangers will give me. To their surprise they are moved with what they thought was junk, and now has transformed into prime real estate for our nesting friends.

I must add that I build them with the best home sidings that will certainly endure the test of time. I then add the finishing touches to their appeal by stacking up layers of old picture frames; always using the best of hardwoods, for the future of this garden heirloom piece I know it will become. I started making them in the 1980's evolving from one Style after another. If you are anything like myself, you will pick out your favorite one for inside the home, and leave to rest to the garden.

January 19, 2010

Weathered French Elegance

Another piece to adore, and it takes center stage in my kitchen. This is a piece that I happily imported from France; it came to me painted in a wonderful shade of French blue. I lived with it until it was time to give it the perfect makeover. Using my talents in the art of design, I took and dragged it out of my home to peel off it's old personality. Letting it take on it's natural European beauty, nothing in the house is too precious to touch.

I am not quite sure why I would purchase pieces, just to then turn around and change the color or tone. The only answer to reason is if it has great bones, and it beckons me. A little hard work will be well worth the time, and investment.

Objets d'art

What can I say, I just love salvaged pieces this is one side of a picture frame that has been taken apart restyled, and reused. I then strip the finishes off of them and add my own technique of painting and aging them, of course with me it is all about the shades of white, cream, burlap, gold's and silvers the main colors throughout my home. You then add tooth hangers on each end of the back side of the frame work so you can hang it on a wall as a vocal piece of art, or grouping these remnants of the past all together. Maybe you will choose to place it over another picture frame, giving it a boarder top to your already established frame on a wall. Old frame pieces just add to a euro chic home simply placed here and there.

I don't question why objects found speak to me they just do. I find myself creating and designing as if I am putting it all on stage, drama, drama, drama.
I hope this has inspired you to search out your next found objects of desire.

A Passion For All Things Aged With History

What a wonderful piece imported from France, it had layers of black paint on it. Although I loved it black with a chipped peeled age, it was just not quite right for my European chic home. I then stripped it down and water stained it using the tones of natural aged woods; it made for a much better blend with my winter whites in the room. The gold's and silver grays balance the room with the feeling of shopping in France at one of the best flea markets you could imagine. I love the height next to the winter white slip covered sofa, and the drama it adds to it. Approving voice's heard through the cracks of the piece fills the room with all things aged with history; and I love it.

So my inspiration to you is to not be afraid to peal away history and unearth the beauty you may desire to live with. I wanted to restore the piece to its aged likeness of the many European pieces that we find pictured in the French books we lose ourselves in. With that being said, and that oh so feeling of yes it belongs to me. I hope to inspire you all to let a piece tell you what it wants to be.