July 04, 2019

French Festoon And Sparrow

 ... French Festoon ...
 I have sculpted a
festoons of flowers, and sparrow.
A carved, molded, or painted ornament describes my latest works. Commonly seen surrounding French mirrors or fret work, motifs and moldings.
Hand sculpted, mounted and anchor screwed to vintage decayed salvaged woods. Linen has become my passion, aging it and using it in such pieces as I have created here in a French labels that may perhaps introduce the art.
• Soon will be found for sale on my online web catalog.
Also will be linked to my etsy site BurlapLuxe.etsy
Artist Doré Callaway the writer of BurlapLuxe 


Michele said...

Oh, Dore! HI! You've done it yet again! I have missed you, lady!
Welcome back!

How fitting you should create something with a pretty bird. This Finch Rest lady likes it very much, indeed!

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you dearly Michele
I was in the mood to do a quick post, spending way to much time on Amy Instagram